Many boys and girls practice sports or physical activities in the growth stages. Whether at school or during leisure, playing sports is something most children enjoy, and many look forward to all week.

Sport not only benefits them physically, but also helps younger children acquire educational values that they apply in their daily lives. Among many others, interacting with others and being part of a team allows people to develop numerous essential skills that will serve throughout life.

At Campus Experience Real Madrid Foundation we share some of the activities that benefit and encourage, through value systems, children to behave properly:

  • Sports activities: young people who play football or train in other collective sports, learn about the importance of collaborating with other players, in order to be able to complete the plays successfully and meet the objectives so that it drives teamwork, initiative, discipline, respect and effort.
  • Outdoor activities: Campus Experience offers a variety of crafts and skill activities that promote concentration, agility, resolution and social skills. This enriches children’s development by helping them to communicate, understand and interpret the world around them and to better cope with an obstacle.
  • Pool activities: Marco Water Polo or swimming races are some of the activities that can be performed in the pool and that helps the minors to increase their self-confidence and confidence in their skills. Activities on the water completely take them out of context, so it further strengthens solidarity and tolerance towards their peers and rivals.
  • Dynamics of Inclusion and Fellowship: There are many practical activities that promote inclusion in the children who attend the campus, so that they all come together for the same passion and there is no gender, physical or racial discrimination. Generally in this type of activities they are carried out in groups of minors, who have not yet had the opportunity to know each other better, to promote socialization among all.

The values that are delivered and reinforced through sport and the various activities at Campus Experience Real Madrid Foundation are a fundamental part of the foundations that will accompany children throughout their lives.

Given the above, minors will be able to strengthen their character and be less vulnerable, as well as have greater discretion in selecting their social group and dealing with different scenarios.

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