By Javier Sanz, Campus Experience Real Madrid Foundation’s responsible of formation and program.

Campus Experience Real Madrid foundation opened its doors again last june, to receive almost a thousand of boys and girls from about 30 nationalities. This summer is an special one, where health security and participants amusement is our main focus. As any activity sector, we took some extra sanitary measures, in order to guarantee security of all our participants and workers. We are around 50 people in staff, including campus administration, coaches, monitors, coordinators, infirmary and more.

Because of the situation we have been through, security of all Campus Experience components have taken the first place for all of us. That is why we took 3 types of measures to guarantee everyone’s health: hygiene, obligatory mask use and social distancing.

In order to guarantee a maximum of hygiene, a regular handwashing of all our participants is implied. As well, we are doing all spaces and material disinfection before and after every use, in order to avoid any possible contagion.

In second place, we implied obligatory mask use for everyone, excluding very punctual moments such as trainings or physical activities supposing fatigue.

And finally, on a third place, social distancing. Our children are distributed in convenience groups avoiding contact with other ones; with a maximum of 15 participants per group.

We had to adapt all our activities and groups, in order to limit our children contacts. In addition to the measures already mentioned, every week we do an antibodies serological test to each boy and girl, to prevent any future contagions.

Concerning activities program, as every summer, through football and playful-formative activities, we want to instill fundamental values that helps in the future our children. Campus Experience is composed of non-formal educational activities. We want to complement the education received by the children, through two importants concepts: values and group feeling belonging.

That is why all the activities in and out of the field, are important for our children development and life. Having as a brand “Real Madrid”, a very powerful brand that has instilled values since decades, suppose to create very high-level experiences. That is why in Campus Experience, activities have this same excellence level.

In order to adapt to all families needs, we offer 3 types of campus: First, traditional Campus Experience with internal and external modalities. As well, we offer a high performance campus with the same two modalities. And finally, we offer an exclusive campus for goalkeepers.

If you have not enrolled yet your children, and you are thinking to do so, we thank you for simply taking us as an option. Campus Experience is a good place to have an amazing experience, and unforgettable memories.

Finally, another year, we thank each and every one of parents who had trusted us their biggest treasure.

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