In accordance with the provisions of Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data (GDPR) and the Spanish regulations in force, we hereby inform you that these personal data will be included in the Data Protection System of Fundación Real Madrid with Fiscal Identification Code (CIF) G81828493 and address at Avenida de las Fuerzas Armadas 402, 28055, Madrid. The purpose of the processing will be to manage your participation in the Campus Experience of the Fundación Real Madrid, in which you enrol, including managing payment and/or charging, managing complementary activities and managing the insurance policy associated with the activity.

The personal data we process at FUNDACIÓN REAL MADRID come from the data subject themselves

The data will be kept for the duration of the consent or, where appropriate, the legal time established for each of the legal obligations that arise out of the processing for which consent has been given.

The legal basis for the processing of your data is the agreement in the enrolment for the Campus Experience of the Fundación Real Madrid. The data may only be used for the purposes stipulated under the previous heading, in accordance with the principles of transparency and of limitation of purposes.

The data may be transferred to Sanitas and to other insurers, if any, in order to include you in the insurance policy for the activity. Furthermore, if necessary, the data may be transferred to Real Madrid C.F. and to the Universidad Europea de Madrid (UEM) to control access to the facilities (sports facilities, living quarters, swimming pool, etc.) as well as to all those external entities which are necessary for the successful running of the Fundación Real Madrid Campus Experience. In order to create the audiovisual content for Fundación Real Madrid, there may be in some cases Data Processors who participate in designing or creating the content for the Fundación Real Madrid and whose legitimation for the processing is in the consent to the processing of the personal data, including images and/or voices. The data may also be transferred to the Spanish tax authorities and other institutions in order to comply with the regulations in force on fiscal and legal matters.

According to the terms established in the regulations on data protection, you may revoke at any time the authorisation given to process and transfer the personal data, and exercise your rights of access, rectification, objection, limitation, erasure and portability and your right not to be the subject of automated decisions by writing to Fundación Real Madrid (Avda. de las Fuerzas Armadas 402, 28055, Madrid) or contacting it by email:

We hereby also inform you of your right to file a complaint with the supervisory authorities (the Spanish Data Protection Agency, or Agencia Española de Protección de Datos).


For the benefit of both participants and their families, details are given below of a basic internal regime, which ensures the successful and optimum running of the Fundación Real Madrid Campus Experience. Failure to comply with the regime can lead to sanctions or expulsion.

  • Respect the timetables.
  • No behaving in ways that may be harmful to other participants.
  • No smoking or drinking alcohol.
  • No mistreating the facilities.
  • No mobile use.
  • No removing or using other people’s property without permission.

In addition, you are hereby informed that the Fundación Real Madrid has a compliance programme and its Code of Ethics and Good Governance is one of the main pillars of the Criminal Risk Management System. This code contains the values and guidelines which must govern our activity and which are based on the principles of responsibility, integrity, transparency and corporate ethics and which are applicable to all the employees, associates and third parties who have any type of relationship with the Fundación Real Madrid. In addition, you are hereby informed that any actions, conduct or behaviour which is contrary to the law and/or to the code of ethics which you are aware of may be reported in a confidential manner through the following link:

You are hereby informed that healthcare in the event of an injury or accident during the sporting activity is covered through a private insurance policy with Sanitas (see further below) exclusively at the centres provided in the information. The Fundación Real Madrid will not cover any amount in centres which have not been authorised by the insurer, or any beneficiaries other than the students or any other causes or any medical complaints which are unrelated to the activity in which the user is enrolled. The Fundación Real Madrid recommends the use of glasses approved for sport and it will not pay for any non-approved glasses which break during the activity.

This policy and conditions is in conjunction with all the information included in the cancellations policy, frequently asked questions and other information provided through the through which enrolment is carried out, as well as in the rest of the documentation about the Fundación Real Madrid Campus Experience which may be furnished, and compliance with and acceptance of which is mandatory.


Information about the Sanitas emergency policy:

Rights and obligations of the insureds.

Below we provide a summarised explanation of the rights and obligations of the emergency healthcare coverage insurance policy in case of accident (hereinafter, the “Insurance Policy”) without prejudice to having the Fundación del Real Madrid as the holder of the policy at the disposal of the insureds, and the general and individual terms and conditions of the Insurance Policy which state in detail the scope of the insured cover with its limits and exclusions.

1.- Applicable legislation: The Insurance Contract Act 50/1980 of 8 October, Royal Legislative Decree 6/2004, of 29 October, approving the revised text of the Private Insurance Management and Supervision Act and its implementation regulations (Royal Decree no. 2486/98 of 20 November).

2.- Insured group: The participants enrolled in the Campus Experience of the Fundación Real Madrid (hereinafter, the “summer campus”) and provided the identifying data necessary to register the participant as an insured have been communicated by Fundación Real Madrid to Sanitas.

3.- Insurer: SANITAS S.A. DE SEGUROS (hereinafter, “SANITAS”) registered on the Special Register of Insurers of the Spanish Ministry of Economics and Finance under registration code C-320, and under the supervision of the General Directorate of Insurance and Pension Funds.

4.- Insured cover:

4.1.- EMERGENCY HEALTHCARE due to accidents occurring during the execution of the activities will be provided necessarily at one of the Hospitals authorised by SANITAS for the purpose, specifically: HOSPITAL SANITAS LA MORALEJA, HOSPITAL SANITAS LA ZARZUELA, CLÍNICA CEMTRO, HOSPITAL MONTEPRÍNCIPE, VIRGEN DEL MAR and MILENIUM CENTRO MEDICO ALCORCON.

4.2.- Whenever necessary by virtue of the seriousness of the injury, medical transportation through the ambulance service authorised by SANITAS, from the place where the injury occurred to one of the healthcare centres stated in the previous paragraph.

5.- Exclusions: Those expressly stipulated in the general terms and conditions of the Insurance Policy, specifically:

a) Healthcare costs (pending surgical interventions, rehabilitation, etc.) deriving from injuries that pre-existed the signing of this contract or resulting from an illness.

b) Dental care of any type.

c) Any medical-healthcare assistance relating to specialities which have no direct relationship with the accidents covered by this contract.

d) Injuries caused intentionally by the Insured, suicide or attempted suicide and voluntary mutilation.

e) Any injuries and consequences deriving from assaults, fighting and the committing or an attempt to commit criminal acts, with the active intervention of the insured.

f) Responsibility for healthcare by SANITAS due to injuries suffered in Traffic Accidents is expressly excluded.

g) Injuries occurring during a state of insanity, manifest drunkenness or under the effect of narcotic drugs.

h) Hernias of any kind, lumbar pain, dorsalgia, cervicalgia and muscle tears that are not a consequence of that described as the definition of the cover included in this policy, in accordance with the provisions of the preceding clauses.

i) The pathological processes deriving from eating food that is in an unsafe condition.

j) Psychological consequences of any type.

k) Under no circumstances are relocation expenses and non-hospital stays insured. Except when it involves emergency transfers from the Escuela Deportiva sports school to the hospital facility at the moment when the accident covered by the policy occurs.

l) Possible new complementary diagnostic or therapeutic techniques that are gradually appearing within the spectrum of care of Medicine. In any case, SANITAS will incorporate them into the contract when their usefulness and effectiveness have been proven, this being understood to mean when at least they have become of common use in the hospitals of the Spanish National Health System.

m) Any accidents which occur prior to the effective date of this insurance contract are excluded from the cover, as is all the care arising directly or indirectly out of the accident.

n) Any type of rehabilitation and/or physiotherapy treatment, except that prescribed by a SANITAS doctor as a result of the sports accident and for up to a maximum of three months following the accident.

6.- Manner of providing the services: The healthcare will be provided in the following manner:


b) Each time that any type of care is required, the insured must identify themselves and provide the documentation required for that purpose by the facility or SANITAS.

c) For all care that is not emergency care, the insured must request authorisation from SANITAS.

d) Insureds who, while on medical leave, participate in any sporting activity and require medical assistance stemming from such participation are automatically excluded from the cover of this contract.

e) The examinations, surgical interventions and/or rehabilitation treatment may only be prescribed by the doctors included in the SANITAS list of authorised healthcare providers and who provide their professional services at one of the hospital facilities specified above.

f) The Insured will not be required to pay any sums whatsoever upon being assisted by the doctors or services authorised by SANITAS and will report to SANITAS any irregularities that occur in this respect.

g) Under no circumstances must the Insured visit either simultaneously or successively two doctors with the same speciality for the same reason or condition without prior authorisation from SANITAS.

7.- Duration of the insured cover.

The duration of the Fundación Real Madrid Campus Experience in which the insured is enrolled and participates.

The healthcare provided in the three months immediately following the date of expiry of the policy will also be covered, provided that the healthcare consists of rehabilitation and/or physiotherapy sessions and is directly related to accidents occurring during the period of validity of the policy which had been reported and were covered during the aforementioned period of validity. In the event that the insured requires any type of rehabilitation and/or physiotherapy treatment, this must have been prescribed by the doctor who discharged the insured from hospital during the period of cover of this policy. Under no circumstances will said treatments be covered once the aforementioned three-month period has lapsed nor will they exceed five sessions. Any care which is covered by the policy must be given at the facilities designated by SANITAS. In the event that the insured needs any type of care beyond the care covered in this policy, it

8.- Means of complaining

The Spanish State is responsible for supervising the activity of Insurers; this supervision takes place through the General Directorate for Insurance and Pension Funds at the Ministry of the Economy and Business.

In the event of any type of complaint about the insurance contract, the Policyholder, Insured, Beneficiary, Harmed Third Party or successor in rights of any of the above must address their complaint to the Insurer’s Complaints Department (Departamento de Reclamaciones del Asegurador) to be resolved, by writing to calle Ribera del Loira nº 52 (28042 Madrid) (Departamento de Reclamaciones). The latter will acknowledge receipt in writing and issue a formal reasoned resolution in writing within the maximum legal term of two months from the date of submission of the complaint.

Administrative claims proceedings may also be initiated with the Claims Service of the General Directorate of Insurance and Pension Funds. For this purpose, the claimant must substantiate that the term of one month stipulated for the resolution of the complaint by the Complaint’s Department at Sanitas has elapsed or that the complaint has been rejected.

In all cases, the claimant may also turn to the competent courts.

9.- Personal data processing.

The personal data of the insureds will be transferred by the Fundación del Real Madrid in its capacity as policyholder to SANITAS which will include them in an automated file for the effectiveness of the contractual relations and to attend to any claims which may be filed. If the FUNDACIÓN and the insured do not accept the inclusion of their data in these files and subsequent processing thereof, it will not be possible to render the insurance contract effective. The data of the insured relating to services which are covered by the policy may be communicated by SANITAS to the FUNDACION, as policyholder, provided that these are strictly necessary to manage the contracted insurance policy, respecting the principles of minimisation of data stipulated by the GDPR.

As regards the personal data processed by SANITAS, we hereby inform you:

Data controller: SANITAS, SOCIEDAD ANÓNIMA DE SEGUROS, (Sanitas), with registered offices at Calle Ribera del Loira, 52, 28042 Madrid, Spain. In addition, SANITAS has a Data Protection Officer (hereinafter, “DPO”) whom the Insured or the Insured’s representative can contact through the email address “” or at the aforementioned postal address, in the event of any queries or needs they may have regarding data protection.

Purpose: Your personal data, including your health information, will be processed with the following purposes:

a) Formalising, developing and implementing the insurance contract;

b) Providing and covering the health care service covered by the insurance contract, being able to request and obtain information about your health from the healthcare professionals;

c) Researching in order to design healthcare models covered by the insurance contract;

d) Offering and managing the insurance contract healthcare and prevention programmes;

e) Managing the actuarial risk in order to carry out a statistical-actuarial analysis to determine associated risk as well as for assigning tariffs;

f) Complying with any mandatory legal obligations corresponding to Sanitas, including among others those relating to legislation on insurance, tax laws and data protection regulations;

g) Analysing your interests and needs based on the data provided by you, including but not limited to health data, personal data that have been generated as a result of the service provided by Sanitas and those obtained through different means;

h) Sending commercial communications via any channel, including electronically, by Sanitas and/or any entity of the Sanitas group;

i) Carrying out anonymisation and pseudonymisation procedures on your personal data, for scientific or statistical purposes;

Legitimate basis: for purposes (a), (b), (c), (d), the legitimate basis for the processing is the performance of the insurance contract; for purposes (e) and (f), the legitimate basis is compliance with the legal obligations applicable to Sanitas; for purpose (g) the legitimate basis is the legitimate interest of Sanitas; for purpose (i), the legitimate basis consists of scientific and/or statistical research ends; for purpose (h) the legitimate basis is your consent, as detailed in the Additional Information.

Recipients: Group companies and third-party collaborating companies when necessary for the effective rendering of the service as well as, where appropriate, public administrations and other bodies in the exercise of their competences. In addition to the above, access to your personal data may be given to data processors to fulfil the purposes described in this document. In the event that these transfers or accesses involve an international transfer of data, this will have sufficient guarantees in accordance with regulations.

Rights: To access, rectify and erase the data, as well as other rights, as explained in the Additional Information. Additional information: you will find information regarding the processing of your personal data at

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