Campus Experience Fundación Real Madrid en el Colegio Litterator de Aranjuez

The second edition of the Aranjuez Campus Experience brought together 75 children and left an ever-lasting impression in the minds of all the participants, family members, instructors, coaches of the Real Madrid Foundation and the rest of the technical staff.

The campus was held in the unbeatable sports facilities of the Litterator School and Municipal Stadium “El Deleite”. El Deleite has a natural grass field, where all activities that fostered integral development of the participants were conducted, making them feel like real professionals.

A Brilliant end to the 2ndedition of the Real Madrid Foundation Campus Experience in the Litterator School of Aranjuez.

The Campus Experience in Aranjuez had its main course on Thursday 5thJuly with a visit to the Ciudad Real Madrid. Participants trained in the facilities, feeling like real players of Real Madrid and additionally were among the first to see the 13 European Cups together at Santiago Bernabéu.

The Campus culminated with a fun-filled last day, on Friday 6thJuly, with the final tournaments and a carnival with inflatables and fun activities. The event attendees included Oscar Blanco, Councilor for Sports of the City Council of Aranjuez; María Rosario Lazareno, President of the Litterator School and the sponsors of the Calipage campus (Juan Fernández), Drimia (Juan Manuel Calzado), Prinsa (Pedro Javier de la Hoz) and La Cursoteca (Carlos Cañizares).

Jacobo Castellano, coordinator of the Campus Experience of Aranjuez, valued and pointed out the active involvement and good work of all the participants, spreading cheers among all the family members that were present.

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