Drinking water is vital for our body to function properly. From regulating body temperature to keeping the skin hydrated or having good digestion. Water helps us at all levels and that is why we have to keep it close whenever we can.

This week on the Campus Experience Fundación Real Madrid blog we want to talk to you about the importance of being well hydrated while playing football or any other type of sport.

We must be hydrated at any time of the day, but doing sports is especially important as it is one of the times when we sweat the most and therefore lose the most fluids. This balance is vital, since it is what makes our body take advantage of its full potential and prevent any risk of injury, fading or muscle problems.

The amount of water that our body needs depends on many factors, such as weight, age or gender, but what is the same for all is to maintain a minimum that makes us be protected against any climatic, physical or related condition of the  activity that we are doing. For example, if you exercise outside in the sun, you will be more at risk of the ravages of time than if you exercise inside a closed or ventilated pavilion. In addition, wearing appropriate clothing will help us to acclimatize better in the environment and be more prepared in the event of any problem.

Due to all these factors, what we must always do is be cautious and always have a source of water nearby, be it a bottle, a tap or simply a place to go to refresh ourselves for a few minutes. Keeping this in mind can mean the difference between good and bad performance during physical activity in the future.

As in professional competitions, athletes take refreshment breaks to stay hydrated, at the Real Madrid Foundation Campus Experience participants always have a few minutes between exercises to drink water or cool off. These moments are vital within the Campus and our team of coaches is very concerned that no boy or girl forgets them. That is why we make sure that everyone has their bottle of water always close by or at least a water source that allows them to go whenever they want.

Every summer at Campus Experience we get all the participants to learn these and other hydration techniques that they will be able to use in the future, in this way they put them into their routine and end up doing them naturally.

This year we will once again have the best team of professionals so that boys and girls can play and have fun in the best sports, educational and healthy environment possible.

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