What are the Experience Activities?

Campus Experience Real Madrid Foundation offers a complete experience of football, leisure, education and values. During the Campus Experience weeks, our boys and girls of all ages, in addition to football training, they have the opportunity to enjoy countless recreational and educational activities that guarantee the learning of values through games and fun. 

In this 2021 edition, one of the most successful Experience Activities among our participants is ”Sports Challenges”. Through this activity we are looking for children to experience a large-scale activity where they face classic sports games such as dodgeball, relay races and the handkerchief game; and modern games such as Greeding, Mollky, Disc-Golf and 1 versus all. Through these sports challenges we look for them to experiment and think about the values of companionship, teamwork, respect for others and personal effort. In addition, they also develop competitiveness, a necessary human capacity to grow personally and collectively, always in a healthy and respectful way.
This activity, organized by our monitors and coordinators, is being very well liked and accepted by the children, as they enjoy generating these competitions among teammates, they are attracted by the games where everyone participates, they feel an active part of the teamwork and they always receive positive feedback on their attitude and performance, which increases their motivation.

In addition, this edition, the Experience Activities  follow a common thread that is maintained throughout a fifteen-day period. Every Monday, we begin the experience with a character gymkhana that presents a story that leads to the rest of the week’s activities. The first week’s story involves the goddess Cibeles whose water has been stolen from her fountain and all our children must find out who the thief was and, of course, help to recover the water drops by following different clues and passing tests during the week. In the second week the dynamic is similar, but instead of Cibeles we have the Viking, who as a good madridista wants to make his team have as many victories as possible. To facilitate this work, several Nordic gods and goddesses lead different tests throughout the week to achieve the proposed objectives. On the last day of the week each team participates in the final battle. This last activity consists of playing Sink the Fleet, but in real size, so that each team decides where to put their ships and create their strategies: if they have water, the monitors will get them splashed, but if they manage to hit their opponents… let’s strike! We have material to defend us from enemy attacks, but all this for a price. Each team must decide in which materials they want to invest for the battle and thus be able to be the winner. The winner is the one who manages to knock down the most ships and get less splashed (if possible), achieving the laurel wreath of the gods and goddesses.

At Campus Experience we learn by playing and having fun! 

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