How do we foster teamwork at Campus Experience?

Football is a sport where success and failure are measured by teamwork. Developing your individual talent allows you to make a good play or technical gesture, that is, achieve individual success in a short term. But, in the long run, personal success will be achieved through everyone’s success, and that’s when teamwork comes into play. Football involves the collaboration of each of the players, companionship and solidarity, the struggle in cohesion and the acceptance of victory or defeat as a result of teamwork.

The cohesion of a team enhances the performance of its game and, therefore, a circular correlation between cohesion and execution is observed. If there is a good group cohesion, the sports performance will be favored and, at the same time, that success achieved will strengthen the group union. Conversely, the lack of cohesion will damage the performance and failures will weaken this cohesion. 

There are two types of cohesion: social cohesion, the degree of attraction and fellowship among individuals to work together, and operational cohesion, the degree of involvement and commitment of group members in realizing and achieving a common goal. There are endless positive features that follow the internal cohesion in a football team: 

– Common objectives: the objectives and values established for the group are shared, generating unity.
– Enriched communication: good interaction between team members.
– Joint acceptance of the rules: conformity with the rules that organize the execution and the internal coexistence of the group.
– Perseverance in the face of obstacles: working collectively in search of solutions that favor the team.
– Performance enhancement: performance and efficiency are enhanced when working collectively.
– Positive perception: better evaluation and greater acceptance of the characteristics that define the team.
– Personal satisfaction: internal cohesion contributes to success and, at the same time, this satisfaction reinforces group unity.
– Motivation: greater motivation for the commitment established with the members of the team than with oneself.

At Campus Experience Real Madrid Foundation, we work both types of cohesion during the development of Experience Activities and sports training, seeking to get a group to act as a team and work together. We are aware that training the technique, tactics and condition is fundamental, but spending time to achieve cohesion in a team is essential and even more with beginners.



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