Connecting boys and girls with sports from an early age is key for their development and to generate healthy habits both physically and emotionally. At Campus Experience Real Madrid Foundation we consider sports as a very useful tool for our boys and girls that helps them to develop physical and coordination skills, stay active, make new friends, have fun, discover values associated with sports, learn to be a member of a team and to play fair, improve their self-esteem, among many other benefits. 

Discover 10 reasons to promote sports among children!

1.- It facilitates the development of their social skills.

2.- It fosters their communication: through the practice of team sports they build lasting friendships.

3.- Children’s character and moral principles are formed through fair play: a positive principle that includes respect for the rules of the game, the opponent and the referees and encourages sportsmanship.

4.- It keeps them active: apart from keeping them physically active, it also keeps them mentally active by keeping them working and building skills that help them overcome obstacles during their development.

5.- They learn to work as a team: through training and games, boys and girls will learn to encourage each other and work together to achieve common goals.

6.- They discover and practice discipline.

7.- Sports experiences help them to build and increase their self-esteem.

8.- Resilience: overcoming adverse situations and difficulties is a skill that sports teaches them. 

9.- It teaches them to know how to win and to make positive conclusions when they lose.

10.- Sports, especially team sports such as football, generate values and experiences that will serve them for life: respect, learn from their failures, work as a team, achieve their goals and experience success.


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