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Through this document, you will be able to find information about: the activity, internal regime, code of ethics and codes of conduct of obligatory compliance as well as other information about Internal information system (ethical channel) and health care insurance.

All the information included in the cancellation policy, frequently asked questions and other information provided through the website where you register, as well as other documentation about the Campus Experience of Fundación Real Madrid that may be provided, is attached to this policy and conditions, all of which must be complied with and accepted.

The present policy and general conditions may be modified at any time in order to guarantee the correct development of the activity for which you are registering. Any modification may be sent by the means available and provided by the user and/or his/her legal representative, as well as, we recommend viewing the website on a recurring basis (

If you have any questions or comments about the policy and general conditions, please write to:


The activity carried out by the Real Madrid Foundation has a marked objective of training in values, and is in no way a competitive or professional promotion activity. It is forbidden for the staff of the Real Madrid Foundation and/or Campus and Sports Events, as well as any other third party involved in the activity, to make any kind of testimony, report and/or document on the technical-sporting abilities of users with the aim of generating any indication of technical-sporting interest in clubs and/or sporting entities, including Real Madrid C.F., about the user.

The Campus Experience is a project of the Real Madrid Foundation that offers the opportunity to live a team experience to discover and share the values of madridismo..

All information about Campus Experience can be found at, recommending that you pay special attention to the Frequently Asked Questions section. If you have any questions, you can contact


For the information of both participants and families, a basic internal regime that guarantees the correct and optimal functioning of the Campus Experience Fundación Real Madrid is detailed below. Failure to comply with these rules may result in sanctions or expulsion.

At the beginning of each campus, the monitors and/or coordinators of each group will explain the internal rules in detail. However, in general, it is mandatory to:

  • respect the timetables,
  • Respect the instructions of the campus staff.
  • not behave in a way that is offensive to other participants and/or workers,
  • not to smoke or drink alcohol,
  • not to abuse the facilities or access unauthorised areas,
  • not to use mobile phones,
  • not to steal or use other people’s property without permission.

Likewise, in the section on PROTECTION OF CHILDREN AND ADOLESCENTS, a code of conduct is detailed which must be complied with by all participants.


The Real Madrid Foundation, in compliance with the current regulations on the comprehensive protection of children and adolescents against violence, together with its commitment to the 2030 Agenda, and specifically with the target 16.2: “End abuse, exploitation, trafficking and all forms of violence and torture against children. “within Goal 16 to promote just, peaceful and inclusive societies; it has implemented a system of risk assessment, protocols and procedures that guarantee the fundamental rights of children and adolescents to physical, psychological, psychological and moral integrity against any form of violence, ensuring the free development of their personality.

In this regard, the Real Madrid Foundation has appointed a Protection Delegate to whom minors can contact via email at to express their concerns; and who will be responsible for the dissemination and compliance with the established protocols, as well as initiating the relevant communications in cases where a situation of violence against children or adolescents has been detected.

Neither the Real Madrid Foundation nor Campus and Sports Events will admit any type of abuse and/or harassment in the activities carried out, and compliance with the code of conduct specified below is obligatory for all participants and their families:

  • To respect and not to damage the facilities, material and other objects that I have at my disposal to practice my activity; keeping them in the assigned place before, during and after the activity.
  • Not to leave the sports facilities or residence without informing my trainer or other person in charge of the Foundation and/or Campus and Sports Events, and having obtained permission to do so.
  • Do not leave the rooms except for emergencies, having to immediately inform my monitor.
  • To come to my activity with the necessary material and the appropriate clothing to carry out the activity.
  • To respect all the rules imposed.
  • To go to the Protection Delegate, my trainer, coordinator or a senior person responsible for the Foundation and/or Campus and Sports Events if I have any doubts.
  • Do not take any harmful substances (smoking, drinking alcohol, etc.) at any time during my participation in the Real Madrid Foundation camps.
  • I will respect all teammates, coaches and other people participating in the activity and the facilities.
  • Promote fair play and maintain a sporting behaviour in the face of victories and defeats.
  • Always greet other users, coaches, referees and other staff participating in the activity.
  • Accept with sportsmanship and respect for any activity, as well as any decision made by the referee or my coaches.
  • To be punctual.
  • To inform my coaches and trainers of my injuries or possible injuries, of my physical condition, before and during the activity.
  • Not to discriminate against my teammates or people directly or indirectly related to my activity, whether for reasons of sex, age, race, skin colour, ethnicity, origin, language, religion, ideology, disability, identity, sexual orientation, presence, economic capacity, etc.
  • Not to use mobile phones during the activity, including in the changing rooms, or to make image and/or voice recordings of colleagues, technicians and other people involved in the activity in order to carry out any kind of harassment.
  • Not to fight, insult, abuse, harass, make harmful gestures or actions towards any person related to the Foundation or my activity.
  • To inform the Protection Delegate if any adult or minor harasses me, assaults me or has suspicious attitudes.
  • Likewise, to inform the Protection Delegate if I see or know of these situations suffered by any of my colleagues at

Along with my commitments, I have the right to:

  • To freely develop and enjoy my activities.
  • To feel that I am in a safe environment, enjoying this security and protection, being valued for who I am and not for what I am, without discrimination on grounds of sex, age, race, skin colour, ethnicity, origin, language, religion, ideology, disability, identity, sexual orientation, presence, economic capacity, sporting ability, etc.
  • To participate in decisions about my activity, whether regarding its objectives, methodologies or others, always taking into account my age and maturity.
  • To speak and be listened to, to be presumed to be truthful about what I have said, with special importance regarding my safety or concerns.
  • To be informed, and permanently assisted by any senior person responsible for the Foundation and/or Campus and Sports Events, on how to ask for help or to request it.
  • Not to be subject to reprisals or negative consequences for any of my attitudes or situations provoked, as long as they have been carried out without malice, developed with total truthfulness or reporting any compromising situation, whether produced by people of the Foundation and/or Campus and Sports Events or related to my activity.
  • To be attended to immediately in the event of an accident, injury, or worrying or distressing situation that I may suffer.
  • To leave the activity in which I am participating, at the very moment I decide to do so.


On the other hand, you are informed that the Real Madrid Foundation has a compliance programme, being its Code of Ethics and Good Governance one of the fundamental pillars of the Criminal Risk Management System. This code contains the values and guidelines that must govern our activity and is based on the principles of responsibility, integrity, transparency and corporate ethics, which are applicable to all employees, collaborators and third parties (including users and family members) who have any kind of relationship with the Real Madrid Foundation.


Likewise, you are informed that any action, conduct or behaviour contrary to the legislation and/or the code of ethics and conduct of which you are aware may be reported through the following link:, or through the email; additionally, you can communicate for cases related to minors at


With regard to health care, you are informed that in the event of injury or accident during the sporting activity, it is covered through a private insurance policy with Sanitas exclusively in the centres provided in this information. The Real Madrid Foundation will not cover any amounts in centres not authorised by the insurer, or other beneficiaries other than the users or for other causes or ailments not related to the activity in which the user is enrolled. The Real Madrid Foundation recommends the use of approved glasses for sports practice, and the Foundation will not pay for the breakage of non-approved glasses during the activity.

Information about Sanitas emergency insurance:

Rights and obligations of the insured.

The following is a summary of the rights and obligations of the insurance policy covering emergency health care in the event of an accident (hereinafter “The Insurance Policy”) without prejudice to the fact that the Real Madrid Foundation, as policyholder, has at the disposal of the insured parties the general and specific conditions of the Policy where the scope of the insured coverage with its limits and exclusions are set out in detail.

1.- Applicable legislation: Law 50/1980, of 8 October 1980 on Insurance Contracts, Royal Legislative Decree 6/2004, of 29 October 2004, approving the revised text of the Law of Regulation and Supervision of Private Insurance, and its implementing regulations (Royal Decree no. 2486/98 of 20 November 1998).

2.- Insured group: Participants enrolled in the Campus Experience Real Madrid Foundation and provided that Sanitas has been informed by the latter of the identification data necessary to proceed with the registration as an insured.

3.- Insurance company: SANITAS S.A. DE SEGUROS (hereinafter “SANITAS”) registered in the Special Register of Insurance Companies of the Ministry of Economy and Taxation with code C-320, and under the supervision of the Directorate General of Insurance and Pension Funds.

4.- Insured coverage:

4.1.- EMERGENCY MEDICAL ASSISTANCE for accidents occurring in the development of the activities organised by Campus Experience Fundación Real Madrid which will necessarily be provided in one of the Hospitals contracted by SANITAS for this purpose specifically: HOSPITAL SANITAS LA MORALEJA, HOSPITAL SANITAS LA ZARZUELA, CLÍNICA CEMTRO, HOSPITAL MONTEPRÍNCIPE, VIRGEN DEL MAR and MILENIUM CENTRO MEDICO ALCORCON.

4.2.- Whenever necessary due to the seriousness of the injury, medical transport by means of the ambulance service arranged by SANITAS, from the place of the injury to one of the health care centres indicated in the previous paragraph.

5.- Exclusions: Those expressly established in the general conditions of the Policy, specifically:

  1. a) Care costs (pending surgery, rehabilitation, etc.) arising from injuries that pre-existed the signing of this contract or which are the result of an illness.
  2. b) Dental care of any kind.
  3. c) Those medical-health care services of specialities that are not directly related to accidents that are the object of the present contract.
  4. d) Injuries caused intentionally by the Insured Party, suicide or attempted suicide and voluntary mutilation.
  5. e) Injuries and consequences derived from aggressions, fights and the commission or attempt of criminal acts, with the active intervention of the insured person.
  6. f) The responsibility for assistance by SANITAS for injuries suffered in a Traffic Accident is excluded.
  7. g) Injuries sustained in a state of mental derangement, manifest drunkenness or under the influence of narcotics.
  8. h) Hernias of any kind, lumbago, back pain, cervical pain and muscular tears that are not a consequence of what is described as the definition of the object of the insurance policy, in accordance with that established in the previous clauses.
  9. i) The pathological processes derived from the ingestion of food in poor condition.
  10. j) Psychological consequences of any kind.
  11. k) Under no circumstances shall the costs of transfer and stay outside hospital be insured. Except in the case of emergency transfers from the Sports School to the hospital centre at the same time as the accident covered by the policy occurs.
  12. l) The possible new complementary diagnostic or therapeutic techniques that may appear in the medical care spectrum. In any case, SANITAS shall include them in the contract when their usefulness and efficacy have been proven, it being understood as such that they are at least commonly used in the hospitals of the National Health System.
  13. m) Excluded from coverage are those accidents occurring prior to the effective date of this insurance contract and all benefits derived directly or indirectly from said accident.
  14. n) Any type of rehabilitation and/or physiotherapy treatment, except that prescribed by a SANITAS doctor as a consequence of the sports accident and up to a maximum of three months after the accident.

6.- Method of providing the services: The provision of Healthcare Assistance will be carried out as follows:

  2. b) Whenever any type of assistance is required, the insured person must identify him/herself and provide the documentation required by the centre or SANITAS for this purpose.
  3. c) For any assistance that is not an emergency, the insured person must request authorisation from SANITAS.
  4. d) Those insured persons who, while on medical leave, practise any sporting activity and require medical assistance due to this practice, are automatically excluded from the coverage of this contract.
  5. e) Explorations, surgical interventions and/or rehabilitation treatments can only be prescribed by doctors from the SANITAS list who provide their professional services in one of the hospital centres already indicated.
  6. f) The Insured shall not be required to pay any amount when being attended to by the doctors or services contracted by SANITAS and shall notify the same of any irregularity that may occur in this respect.
  7. g) Under no circumstances shall the Insured Party see two practitioners of the same speciality simultaneously or successively, for the same reason or ailment, without prior authorisation from SANITAS.

7.- Duration of the insured coverage.

During their participation in the Campus Experience Fundación Real Madrid.

Health care provided during the three months immediately following the expiry date of the policy will also be covered, provided that such care is the direct result of accidents occurring during the period of validity of the policy and which have been reported and covered during the said period of validity. In the event of the insured person needing any type of rehabilitation and/or physiotherapy treatment, this must have been prescribed by the doctor who discharged the insured person from hospital during the period of coverage of this insurance policy. In no case will these treatments be covered after the aforementioned period of three monthly payments and they will not exceed 5 sessions. The limit of capital per insured person and annuity for each and every one of the benefits of this policy, with the sole exception of the medical examination indicated above, will be 3.000 Euros. Any service covered by the policy must be carried out in the centres designated by SANITAS. In the event that the insured person needs to receive any type of benefit outside the coverage object of this policy, it will be assumed by the parents or legal guardians of the injured person, by means of their express consent.

8.- Claims instances

Control of the activity of the Insurance Company corresponds to the Spanish State, exercised through the Directorate General of Insurance and Pension Funds of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation.

In the event of any type of claim relating to the insurance contract, the Policyholder, Insured, Beneficiary, Injured Third Party or Beneficiaries of any of them must contact the Claims Department of the Insurer for resolution – by writing to calle Ribera del Loira nº 52 (28042 Madrid) or to the e-mail address (Claims Department), who shall acknowledge receipt in writing and shall also issue a reasoned decision in writing within a maximum legal period of two months from the date of submission of the claim.

You may also initiate the administrative complaint procedure before the Complaints Service of the Directorate General for Insurance and Pension Funds. To do so, the claimant must prove that the two-month period established for the resolution of the claim by the Sanitas Claims Department has elapsed or that the claim has been rejected.

In either case, the claimant may appeal to the competent Courts and Tribunals.

9.- Treatment of personal data.

The personal data of the insured parties will be transferred by the Real Madrid Foundation in its capacity as policy holder to SANITAS, which will incorporate it into an automated file for the effectiveness of the contractual relations and the handling of any claims that may arise. If the FOUNDATION and the insured person do not consent to the inclusion of their data in these files and their subsequent processing, the insurance contract cannot be carried out. The data of the insured persons relating to services that are covered by the policy may be communicated by SANITAS to the FOUNDATION, as the policy holder.

In relation to the personal data processed by SANITAS we inform you:

Responsible: SANITAS, SOCIEDAD ANÓNIMA DE SEGUROS (Sanitas), with registered office at C/ Ribera del Loira, 52, 28042 Madrid, Spain.

Purpose: Your personal data, including your health data, will be processed for the following purposes: Formalisation, development and execution of the insurance contract; Provision and coverage of the care service that is the object of the insurance contract, being able for this purpose to request and obtain information from healthcare professionals regarding your health; Research for the design of care models that are the object of the insurance contract; Offering and management of care and prevention programmes (health promotion service) covered by the insurance contract; Actuarial risk management with the aim, among others, of determining the appropriate tariff in each case; Compliance with the obligations that correspond to Sanitas by legal mandate, among others, those relating to insurance regulations, tax laws and data protection regulations; Analysis of your interests and needs based on the data provided by you, including but not limited to your health data, those personal data that have been generated as a result of the service provided by Sanitas and those that have been obtained by other means; Sending commercial communications by any channel, including by electronic means; Carrying out anonymisation and pseudo-anonymisation procedures of your personal data; Transferring your personal data to companies within the group for commercial purposes and scientific and/or statistical research purposes as well as to third party collaborating companies for commercial purposes.

Legitimation: Execution of the contract, compliance with legal obligations, legitimate interest, scientific and/or statistical research purposes and consent as detailed in the Additional Information.

Recipients: Group companies and collaborating third party companies. In addition to the above, processors whose international transfer is based on authorisation from the Director of the Spanish Data Protection Agency and/or Standard Contractual Clauses.

Rights: Access, rectify and delete data, as well as other rights, as explained in the Additional Information.

Additional information: you will find information regarding the processing of your personal data at