* This protocol may be modified to bring it into line with the regulations in force at any given time.

Cleaning products recommended by the health authorities and according to the safety data sheets will be used when cleaning the facilities, always respecting their dosage. 

Cleaning materials and products: 

  • Latex or nitrile gloves. 
  • Masks according to regulations. 
  • Bleach/ethanol. 
  • Soap. 
  • Pedal bins and garbage bags. 
  • Automatic soap dispenser. 
  • Paper dispenser. 

Cleaning of common spaces: 

  • Disinfectant gel and hand paper dispensers will be located. 
  • Daily cleaning of spaces, with emphasis on knobs, railings and surfaces. 
  • Increase the frequency of daily ventilation of enclosed spaces.
  • Free use of water sources will not be permitted. The use of the fountains will be supervised by the monitor in accordance with the hygiene and disinfection measures indicated. 

Sanitation of bathrooms and showers:

  • Locate soap dispensers and hand paper. 
  • Double the daily sanitation of toilets with emphasis on common and/or more active areas. 
  • Showers: 
    • Day Camp:  
      • By turns, avoiding agglomerations and respecting the corresponding sanitary measures. 
      • Sanitation before and after the use of showers. 
    • Residential Camp: 
      • Single showers in the residence’s rooms.
      • Sanitation of rooms. 
      • Unique and exclusive access for each participant. 
      • Increase the daily ventilation frequency of the rooms. 
      • The bed linen offered will be washed at 60ºC with our own equipment or authorized companies following the temperature protocols. 
      • The room is delivered clean and disinfected. After each shift the sanitation of the room is carried out complying with all the indicated sanitation protocols. 

Sports equipment: 

  • Disinfection of material before its use in all campus modalities and in all shift/group changes. 
  • Aqueous materials shall be avoided. 
  • There won’t be activities that involve sharing food or holding objects with the mouth or similar. 

Cleaning of the kitchens:

  • Kitchens and their attached facilities should follow their established HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points). 
  • In the dining rooms, the entrance will be done by turns, with an entrance area and exit area. 
  • The food will be served in a single tray on the table, with school trays for less handling. It will be served by the kitchen staff in compliance with the protection measures indicated. 
  • Cutlery and napkins will be hygienically packaged. 
  • Self-service will be avoided, and a closed menu adapted to each participant’s allergies, intolerances and special diets will be offered. 

As a common rule, the recommendations of the Ministry of Health will be followed in order to avoid contagion among participants.

Daily hygiene rules: 

  • Hand disinfection in the entry and exit of the common spaces. 
  • Promote correct hygiene habits through dynamics and activities (daily change of clothes, hand washing, dental hygiene…). 

Rules of coexistence: 

  • Exclusive footwear for training sessions, exclusive footwear for activities and exclusive footwear for the rooms (e.g., football boots, sneakers and flip-flops). 
  • It’s forbidden to share canteens, backpacks, food, etc.
  • Activities of many participants, i.e., large activities involving several groups, will be avoided. 
  • Stable cohabitation groups. With few exceptions, they will not join other groups in activities. Each stable group will have a monitor assigned who will only interact with that specific group. 
  • Coaches / Specialized monitors: coaches and some other specialized monitors will work with participants from different groups.  
    • This staff will maintain a minimum distance of 2 meters and in case they cannot maintain it, they will limit the contact with the participants. 
    • All staff will wear their masks at all times.


  • Training will be carried out for the entire staff to explain all the protocols in force at that time. Each type of worker will know in a comprehensive way their area and all their actions. All workers will be equipped with Epis (Personal Protective Equipment), following the established protocol. 
  • Before the start of the campus, the coordinator together with the monitors and their groups (in shifts) will give a training to all participants with special emphasis on individual/social responsibility and hygiene and coexistence rules. This training will be a cross-cutting part of the campus training program, with daily time spent through activities. 

Routine medical check-ups are as follows: 

  • Temperature measure – morning and afternoon.
  • Medical care service. 
  • Responsible for protocol monitoring and evaluation. Within each campus there will be a team responsible for the implementation of 100% of the protocol.
  • As far as possible, activities will be adapted to reduce physical contact between participants, as well as hand/face or hand/material contact. 
  • The activities will be restricted to the components of each of their groups, except for certain circumstances in which, due to their number and age, the participants may join another group for matches or tournaments. 
  • There will be three hand cleanings during the activities: before starting, in the middle and at the end. In addition, at any time when there is a situation of unexpected contact or contagion, the hands will also be cleaned. 
  • The material will be disinfected with sprayed solutions before and after its use. 
  • For the outings, the protocols established for each one of them will be followed. 
    • Swimming pools 
    • Bernabéu Tour.
    • Visit to Madrid. 
  • Check In. 
  • In order to set foot on campus, whether in Day Campus (every day) or Residential Campus (the first day), the participant must follow the transit or customs security area, similar to the one shown in the following video on our Health Protocol.
  • Temperature measure.
  • Disinfection of hands with hydroalcoholic gel. 

Open space maximum capacity: our campus is developed 80% of the time in open spaces. We enjoy very large and spacious facilities where we can safely develop the campus. 

Ciudad Real Madrid Valdebebas: within the million square meters that Ciudad Real Madrid Valdebebas has, Campus Experience will use 4 artificial soccer fields of 105m x 68m each. Only two groups of 15 players will train on each field, with each group having more than 3,500 square meters for training. In addition, there are activity areas and bleachers with enough shade to provide a safe campus.

Universidad Europea de Madrid: the student residence, annexed to the sports complex, has large areas of grass, shade and recreation. 

‘’Erasmo’’ Residence of the Autonomous University of Madrid: the students residence, annexed to faculties and sports facilities, has large spaces of grass, shade and recreation.

‘’Montepríncipe’’ Residence: the student residence, annexed to the San Pablo CEU, has large spaces of grass, swimming pool, shade and recreation.

Cantoblanco University Swimming Pool / Villaviciosa de Odón Swimming Pools: Campus Experience participants will have an independent entrance to the rest of the users, as well as a separate space. Participants will not use the swimming pool’s changing rooms because they will arrive dressed properly (with swimming clothing) from their own sports facilities. All the safety protocols of the pool will be followed in terms of capacity and safety distance both inside and outside the water. 

Maximum capacity in closed spaces: only 20% of the time will be spent in closed spaces, where masks will be used, except for lunch time and showers. These specific measures will be strictly enforced.

Dining rooms: we reduce the capacity by 75% while maintaining the safety distance. 

Changing rooms: the locker rooms are large enough to maintain the safety distance in the change zone. We reduce the capacity in the shower area by allowing only 5 participants simultaneously. 

Classrooms: we reduce the capacity by 75% maintaining the safety distance between participants. 

Bus routes: when getting on and off the bus, each participant will follow a small sanitizing tunnel to disinfect hands and face. Before and after each use, handlebars, grips and areas susceptible to contact will be disinfected.

  • Each family must provide specific documentation according to each program:
    • Day Camp:
      • All families must accept and sign a responsible declaration guaranteeing that during the 14 days prior to campus, the health of the participant (and the people with whom he/she lives) has been adequate and has not suffered any symptoms such as cough, fever, fatigue or shortness of breath and has not been in contact with anyone with such symptoms.
    • Residential Camp:
      • All the participants of a residential campus must provide a negative PCR testing carried out 72h prior to their check-in to campus in order to participate in our residential camp programs.
  • The Real Madrid Foundation is exempt from any responsibility regarding the health status of the participant, except for ailments that may be caused by sports practice during campus. 
  • If a participant does not pass the Covid security customs successfully: 
    • He/she will be sent back with his/her family and a change of week will be proposed for the 2021 or 2022 edition.
  • If during the development of campus, the contagion of a family member of a participant is detected, it will be immediately communicated to the campus organization so that the measures indicated by the Ministry and the health services can be enforced.
  • In the event of any symptoms once the participant is on campus:
    • If he/she is enrolled in a Day Camp: they will immediately leave the campus or will not attend that day. He/she will be offered to make up the days not enjoyed during another week of 2021, once the relevant quarantine has been cleared. 
    • If the participant is enrolled in a Residential Camp: the activity will be interrupted and the appropriate protocol will be established, consisting of: 
      • Notifying his/her family members so that they are aware of the situation. 
      • Go to the health center that corresponds to each participant according to their health insurance or public health center. 
      • In the event that the health services advise isolation for possible symptoms related to Covid19, the family members must come to pick up their child within a maximum period of 24 hours since the notification.
  • The participants of the group and the staff with whom the Covid-positive had contact with will be informed of the existence of a positive.  
  • Following the instructions of the health authorities, the activity may be cancelled, and the center temporarily closed for disinfection. 
  • A protocol is established for this purpose, approved by the competent authority, which contemplates the consequences of this decision within the current legislation. 
  • Short-term closure of the building to thoroughly clean / disinfect and prepare the facilities for subsequent shifts.

Don’t worry, of course it is possible and we adapt to each circumstance by providing you with three different options:

    1. If your child travels alone and your travel insurance includes the PCR test, you only need to provide us the contact information and we will close the appointment.
    2. On the contrary, if your child travels alone but your travel insurance does not include this test, you can hire it directly through our organization and we will take care of everything.
    3. If you travel with the child, you only have to provide us with the day and time when you will go for the test and we will allow the child to go with you.

Campus Experience

Campus Experience is the new camp concept that the Real Madrid Foundation is running to enable boys and girls aged 7-17 to enjoy an unforgettable experience. At most sports camps, children only do sport, but the Real Madrid Foundation summer camp goes much further. The best sports club in the world has to offer the best sports camp in the world: distinctive, original, innovative, imaginative, comprehensive and excellent.

Campus Experience is a new type of camp that combines instruction in sport and other fields to become an intensive and enriching educational process for participants. Through training with Real Madrid Foundation coaches, through the games organised by the supervisors and through communal living, participants become steeped in Real Madrid’s values: leadership, hard work, self-control, teamwork and respect for others.

Every year, we have children who have already been with us on previous occasions come back, and they have no hesitation in repeating the Campus Experience. We also have new boys and girls discovering us for the first time. All of them arrive as individuals, but leave as a TEAM.

In principle, Campus Experiences are intended for the summer (normally, from the last week of June to the first week of September). If any sort of camp is organised at other times of year, we will announce it on our website.

We have two locations:
Real Madrid City, which is in Valdebebas, just north of Madrid;
The European University of Madrid campus, which is in Villaviciosa de Odón, south-west of Madrid.

Camps for Day Camp (those in which the participants sleep at home) are always in periods of one week, from Monday to Friday, while those for Residential Camp run from Sunday to Saturday. In the latter format, they will not sleep at home, but will stay with other children in the university halls of residence of the Autonomous University of Madrid or the European University of Madrid, in Villaviciosa de Odón, depending on the programme chosen.

Campus Experiences have a fixed duration. The schools, run directly by the Real Madrid Foundation, are completely different and take place throughout the year.


Football and Real Madrid are core issues whose presence is felt strongly across the board. Along with them, the children will work sequentially on issues relating to the individual (leadership, self-control, hard work), with the collective (teamwork, team spirit, taking part) and with others (solidarity, difference, tolerance, respect for others).
Every day will be themed on a value, on which all the activities will be based:


The values are involved in all the day-to-day activities.

Every activity (Training, Football Theory or Campus Experience Activities) relates to the value of the day, and both coaches and supervisors try to pass that value on through their own example and the work done.

For example, on the Hard Work day, they work on their football skills, learning that talent alone is not enough: constant hard work is necessary to improve.

On the Teamwork day, classroom teaching is used to explain to them the various tactics and systems used in football, and how to work as one; they are taught that an individual can win a match on their own, but a TEAM wins trophies.

The routine changes depending on the programme type (boarding or non-boarding and, within the latter, half-day), but the participants generally follow this routine:

  • First thing in the morning is Training. After each training session, as basic hygiene rule, we ask them to shower and change their clothes, after which we offer them a little snack.
  • After training, Football Theory classes are given (information that every sportsperson should know, such as how to stretch properly or eat appropriately).
  • The Campus Experience Activity will take place after Football Theory. That is a time for interacting with each other and making friends through games, while learning values that are equally important in sport and in daily life: respect, hard work, self-control and teamwork.
  • The supervisors, who work for Campus Experience every year, are selected for their background in teaching, education, leisure and sport. They also receive broad-based specific training from the organisation every year. They therefore have the necessary experience and skills to enable the participants to have fun and learn at the same time.
  • Next comes lunchtime, following by some time in the swimming pool.
  • (Half-day participants end their camp at 13:00, so lunch is not included.
    Since they finish at 13:00, they also cannot take part in the tournaments held at Valdebebas every Friday, involving all the full-day camp groups.)
  • By early evening, they are back in training, followed by showers and a snack.
  • Non-boarding Campus Experience participants end their day at this point (around 19:00). Those who are staying the night, on the other hand, will enjoy another Campus Experience activity, until the time comes for them to speak to their families. In other words, from 20:15 to 21:15, they can call their parents if they want; alternatively, parents can use this time to call their children (for that purpose, we recommend that they carry a mobile phone so they can be called directly, but parents will be given a phone number to call anyway, in case they prefer to call themselves).

Our comprehensive sports-instruction programme is the great innovation that the Real Madrid Foundation is bringing with the Campus Experience. It is about creating a space for learning the skills, methods and values of the players who have made up Real Madrid’s history. This comprehensive instruction programme will include training sessions, values activities and sports-culture education.

The activities take place at different times of day, run by specialists in each field: Real Madrid Foundation coaches will take the training sessions, while supervisors, educators and specialists will be responsible for recreation activities and sports-culture education.

To pass on our values, we have three types of activity, which we have called Campus Experience Activities:

  • The first of them is the Feel Experience Activity, in which all the participants play a big game in which they feel and experience the value of the day. For example, on the “teamwork” day, they play a variety of team-building games, in which they can only win by completing a series of challenges that demonstrate how united the team is. On the “self-control” day, the participants play One to Win, in which they have to demonstrate their ability to control their nerves under pressure in hands-on activities.
  • Another is the Fun Experience Activity, which always takes place at more relaxed times, such as before or after lunch. The intention is for participants to have fun playing short games offered in new spaces, such as the swimming pool. Each participant can choose their game, such as footvolley, kickball or other games unrelated to football.
  • Lastly, there is the Team Experience Activity, which is intended to remind participants of everything they have worked on during the day. Through exercises and games, each supervisor will sit down with the participants in their group to talk about the value of the day and relate it to their experiences, giving them time to express themselves, to say how they are feeling at the camp and to share their experiences.

Sports activities are supervised by a Real Madrid Foundation coaching team. The Campus Experience training sessions are made up of 90 min. training in the morning and 60 min. in the afternoon.

The football-theory sessions cover issues such as level tests (a sportsperson’s physical preparation, nutrition, rest, hygiene, etc.), individual technique (passing, control, dribbling, etc.), decision-making (sports psychology, football injuries, strapping, etc.), tactics (strategy, set-piece routines, transitions, attack, defence, etc.) and competition (preparing for competition, football rules and regulations, etc.).

The intensity and duration of the various different football-theory lessons will vary according to the Campus Experience format.

Our teaching staff includes Real Madrid Foundation coaches (with degrees and graduate diplomas in sports science), coaching assistants (with secondary school-level diplomas in sports science), instructors, teachers, educators, and recreation and free-time supervisors.

The official language for communication is Spanish, although most of our staff can speak to participants in English without any difficulty. The organisation’s supervisors and staff will try to get all children involved, regardless of language.

Every year, children who do not speak Spanish or English take part, but sport is a universal language, so they end up communicating without any problems.

A given time is set every day for talking to families (this is normally before dinner, from 20:15 to 21:15).

The children will be able to call from their mobiles, or receive calls to a number that they will be given.

Our facilities also have WiFi, so that they can go online and contact their parents that way, if they want.

We will provide the necessary information bit by bit, as the camp start date draws nearer.

In the case of the Internal High Performance programs, those participants who have contracted the language classes as an extra service will communicate with the families once they have finished and after supper.

Campus Experience is a joint project in which both boys and girls live communally only separated in terms of bedrooms and toilet areas.
Although the percentage of girls grows year on year, we cannot guarantee that there are girls who have enrolled in the campus every week.

Parents will not be allowed to watch training or the other activities on the campus. For security reasons, no parents or visitors are allowed to enter the sports facilities or accommodation.

Food, health and facilities

Food is included in all camp formats, except for half-day ones.

Meal times depend on whether or not the participants are Residential Camp. Non-borders have lunch included, along with morning and evening snacks. Residential Camp have breakfast and dinner included on top of that. The menus are based on a balanced diet, and any special dietary and/or religious requirements a participant may have are taking into account.

The food is adapted to the participants’ needs and to Campus Experience’s specific quality requirements.

Each participant’s menu is in line with any religious and medical requirements they may have.

Any allergies that the participant may have are stated at the time of registration, so their supervisor will be on the lookout to ensure they get a menu adapted to them personally.

In principle, this should not cause any major issues, provided that their doctor allows it. Our participants’ health, well-being and safety are the most important thing for us, so we have to ensure there is no risk to any of them, and that our supervisors and coaches can offer your child the proper care.

To that end, we will need you to ask your doctor for a note stating whether or not your child can take part in sport under the conditions at the camp, as well as a full description of any medical problem they may have and how it would have to be treated, if that were necessary, and of any specific care they require. Our team will analyse that note to determine whether your child could participate in the camp without running any risk; if we decide that they can, we will tell you to go ahead with the booking.

No, unless the participant has any allergies and/or other health problems that require specific care. In that case, you will need to send us a medical certificate that states the problem and how to treat it.

The facilities where the participants train will depend on the camp format.

Sports Facilities 2021

High Performance participants will take part in the final tournament on Friday afternoons at Real Madrid City, Valdebebas, with their fellow students from the other football camps.

Swimming pool 2021

  • Participants registered for a Campus Experience Day Camp will go to the swimming pool of the Autonomous University of Madrid or to the municipal swimming pool of  Hortaleza district of Madrid (according to dates).
  • Participants registered for a Campus Experience Residential Camp will go to the swimming pool of the Autonomous University of Madrid or to swimming pool of the Montepríncipe Residence, Madrid (according to dates).
  • Participants registered for all the modalities of Campus Experience High Performance will go to the municipal swimming pool of Villaviciosa de Odón or to the swimming pool of the Montepríncipe Residence, Madrid (according to dates).

(Participants will be transported by means of a short bus ride, provided by the organisation.)

We have celiac, vegetarian, lactose-free and pork-free menus, but we don’t have a halal or Kosher diet.

Should there be foods that children should not eat, you can inform us about this in the allergy section and they will not be given this food under any circumstances, but it is important to know that in no case will it be permitted to bring in food prepared outside the Campus facilities.

Unfortunately, due to the large number of allergic children and children with different intolerances and diets who will be living alongside each other on our campuses, under no circumstances will it be permitted to bring in food prepared outside the Campus facilities.


Half-day non-boarding Campus Experience:

A short but very intensive programme. Designed for any participants who need to have their afternoon free or to eat at home with the family, or simply those who want to enjoy the experience spread over several weeks, but at a gentler pace.

  • Boys and girls aged 7-13.
  • Sports facilities: Real Madrid City in Valdebebas.
  • Transportation from the Bernabéu for a small additional fee.
  • Meeting points: Real Madrid City in Valdebebas.
  • Monday to Friday, 9:00 to 13:00.

Full-day non-boarding Campus Experience:

The full-day non-boarding Campus Experience is our most popular format. Our participants will complete a full programme that combines training sessions led by professional coaches, football-theory classes given by experienced educators and values learned through Campus Experience Activities. However, the Campus Experience is a comprehensive education experience steeped in Real Madrid’s values at every stage of the day, from lunchtime and breaks, to the training sessions themselves.

  • Boys and girls aged 7-13.
  • Sports facilities: Real Madrid City in Valdebebas.
  • Meeting points: Santiago Bernabéu Stadium and Real Madrid City, Valdebebas.
  • Santiago Bernabéu Stadium and Real Madrid City, Valdebebas.

Campus Experience High Performance:

At this high-skill-level camp, our participants must either be officially registered footballers, or play for a club or in a league. In Campus Experience High Performance, all participants will be able to learn specific training techniques, as well as receiving football-theory lessons on issues relating to the world of football and sport. All that is combined, as in all of our camps, with an education in sporting values.

  • Non-boarding and boarding formats.
  • Boys and girls aged 9-17.
  • Sports facilities: Villaviciosa de Odón municipal pitches and European University of Madrid facilities.
  • Meeting points: Santiago Bernabéu Stadium and European University of Madrid (only for non-boarding camps).
  • From Sunday to Saturday (Residential Camp) and Monday to Friday, 9:00 to 19:00 (Day Camp).

Boarding Campus Experience:

The boarding Campus Experience is designed so that any participants who need to, or simply prefer to, can stay in Madrid to enjoy the full experience. Participants will enjoy a full-day non-boarding Campus Experience and, when it finishes, they will carry on in the hall of residence, with lots more activities, through which our participants will end up forging great friendships with their teammates.

  • Boys and girls aged 9-17.
  • Sports facilities: Real Madrid City in Valdebebas.
  • Meeting points: Santiago Bernabéu Stadium.
  • Sunday to Saturday.

Campus Experience has several specific camp formats for goalkeepers, with training specially designed for them.

These take place on certain dates in July and August, which are published on the website.

These are the types of Campus Experience Goalkeepers that we can offer you::

Boarding Campus Experience Goalkeepers (one- or two-week):

Participants wanting to receive goalkeeper-specific training while sleeping overnight in Madrid (at the Autonomous University of Madrid’s Erasmo hall of residence) can sign up for this one- or two-week camp.

  • Ages: 9-17.
  • Duration: 7 days, from Sunday to Saturday.
  • Sports facilities: Real Madrid City in Valdebebas.
  • Meeting point: Santiago Bernabéu Stadium.

Campus Experience Goalkeepers High Performance:

Any children who are officially registered footballers or who play in a league regularly can take part in the Campus Experience High Performance. They can sleep overnight (at a European University of Madrid hall of residence). This boarding Campus Experience High Performance can be one-or two-week.

  • Format: Non-boarding and boarding.
  • Boys and girls aged 9-17.
  • Sports facilities: Villaviciosa de Odón municipal pitches and European University of Madrid facilities.
  • Meeting points: Santiago Bernabéu Stadium and European University of Madrid (only for non-boarding camps).
  • From Sunday to Saturday (Residential Camp) and Monday to Friday, 9:00 to 19:00 (Day Camp).


Full-day non-boarding Campus Experience Goalkeepers:

Any who prefer enjoying training and leisure activities, but without staying the night, can enjoy the non-boarding Campus Experience, from 9:00 to 19:00.

  • Ages: 7-13.
  • Duration: 5 days, Monday to Friday. From 9:00 to 19:00.
  • Sports facilities: Real Madrid City, Valdebebas.
  • Meeting points: Two options:
    • Santiago Bernabéu
    • Real Madrid City, Valdebebas

For the moment, we do not have a goalkeeper-specific half-day Campus Experience.

An opportunity that Real Madrid Foundation offers to boys and girls from 9 to 14 years old combining their two passions: football and gaming, in a responsible way with an educational background.

All camp formats offer a comprehensive sports-instruction programme. Campus Experience High Performance is different in that it is higher intensity and there is more time spent training.

There are no requirements for taking part in the camp formats held in Valdebebas. However, all Campus Experience High Performance participants must be officially registered footballers or play regularly for a club because the training is higher-intensity and the physical demands are greater.

In High Performance, the afternoon tournaments last 30 minutes longer, there is an additional 45-minute training exercise and a daily test lasting a further 45 minutes, from which we extract data used to compile the report given to participants at the end.

Registration consists of filling in pieces of information on the registration form, which can be found on our website. Once the form is complete and approved, you will be emailed a copy of the rules and an authorisation slip, both of which you need to sign and return to us.

Once you have done this, if you have not paid by card, you can do so by bank transfer, ALWAYS stating the registration code as the transfer reference and emailing us the proof of payment.

You can register directly through the website or by calling the Customer Services number (+34 912 775 988). You can register directly through the website or by calling the Customer Services number (+34 912 775 988).

You can also upload the authorisation and rules documents directly to the participant file, by signing into the private area after you register. To do so, you will need the username and password found in the confirmation email, which you will receive as soon as you register.

Payment is made by credit or debit card (remember that American Express is not accepted) and can be made in two different ways:

1. Through the private area of our website:

I. You must enter into the private area using the username and password provided in the confirmation email
II. Once you access the private area of the participant, you must click on his/her name and,  scrolling down the page, you will find the payment gateway to proceed with the payment.

2. Through a Credit Card Authorization document that we can send you by email. You only have to request it in the mail:

In no case can we take your credit card details over the phone or accept cash payments.

Payment methods

Payment must be made by Visa or Mastercard credit card (American Express is not accepted).

  • Single payment: 100% of the campus fee will be paid at the time of registration. 
  • Installment Payment
    • Two installments: 
      • Payment of 30% of the total amount at the time of registration for reservation fee (non-refundable).
      • Payment of the remaining 70% before May 31st, 2021.
    • Three installments:
      • Payment of 30% of the total amount at the time of registration for reservation fee (non-refundable).
      • Payment of 50% of the total amount before April 30th.
      • Payment of the remaining 20%, 15 days before the start of the chosen program.

Policy of returns:

  • In case of cancellation of an inscription within 5 working days from its confirmation, 100% of the amount paid will be refunded.
  • In case of cancellation more than 30 days before the start of the campus:

o   If full payment has been deposited: 70% of the amount paid will be refunded.

o   If 80% of the total amount has been paid (in case of installments): 50% of the amount paid will be refunded.

o   If only 30% of the total amount has been paid: there is no refund (the reservation fee is non-refundable).

  • In case of cancellation less than 30 days before the start of the campus:
    • Voucher to be used in the 2022 edition for campus held in Madrid.
    • Free and unlimited date-change for campus held in Madrid in 2021.
  • In case of casualties during the development of campus:
    • You will be entitled to a refund only in case of withdrawal for reasons of force majeure duly certified counting from the day after departure. If that is the case, the following amounts will be refunded:
      • Campus Experience Day Camp and High Performance Day Camp: 30€/day for each day not enjoyed.
      • Residential Campus Experience or High Performance Residential Camp: 80€/day for each day not enjoyed.
  • In case of voluntary withdrawal of the campus, there will be no right to refund.
  • In the case of a visa refusal from countries with Visa requirements and always if a legal document can be provided as evidence of the refusal, 100% of the amount paid will be refunded. This clause does not apply to instances when the visa application is submitted outside deadlines established by each embassy or if the visa is refused due to misuse or fraudulent use of materials provided by Campus Experience for that purpose.

Invitation letters will only be sent to participants; at no time will they be issued in the name of any adult.

The issuance deadline will be 24 to 48 hours once the application has been made. It should be borne in mind that in order to do this, documentation and payment regarding the aforementioned registration must be completed and received.

In the absence of such deadline, Campus Experience will not be liable for the consequences of any such action and therefore no amount already paid will be refunded.

  •  Amounts paid for extra services cannot be refunded in any case.
  •  Any refund necessary will be paid at the end of Campus Experience 2021.


Changes and registration errors:

Any change or error in a registration must be notified 10 days before the start of the program, if not, no refund will be made and the payment of the program must be 100% paid.

In the case of participants who, 10 days before the start of the program, have not obtained the corresponding visa must modify the date of attendance to the Campus. If this date is not finally modified, in case of non-attendance or partial attendance, the total amount of the campus will not be refunded, and the fixed cost involved in the preparation of the campus will be deducted.

We can offer preferential rates for Real Madrid Foundation members’ children, students of the Real Madrid Foundation’s sports schools, Real Madrid members and holders of the Madridista Card.

No, discounts cannot be combined. However, where students are attending for more than one week, we will always apply a discount on the price for the first week:

  • When registering as a non-border for more than one block, a 5% discount will be applied to the second block and 10% to the third block;
  • When registering as a border for more than one block, a 10% discount will be applied to subsequent blocks.

No, we do not offer that type of discount. However, we can offer you other forms of discount: we sometimes have promotions, we apply discounts for Real Madrid members, holders of the Madridista Card and Real Madrid Foundation members, as well as for registrations for more than one block of training.

Yes, you can, provided that both participants are attending the same camp and are of roughly the same ability. You need to state that you want this on your registration form, in the comments section. While we always try to fulfil this request and are able to do so in most cases, we cannot guarantee it.

That is no problem. You can request it as soon as your registration is fully complete. This means that you must have 100% paid and submitted all documentation.

Should your visa be refused, we will refund the payment to you in full once you have proved that your visa application was rejected.

In properly proven cases of force majeure, participants can leave the camp early. Should this happen, the participant’s guardian will have to request it in writing (email) and follow the established procedure. For reasons of the children’s safety, this procedure is taken VERY SERIOUSLY and must be properly completed.

Yes, you do. When registering your child for the camp, you will have to give the full name and Spanish ID card (or passport) number of the person who will be picking them up. The supervisors always ask the person who comes to collect your child for some form of identification and, should you not have identification with you, we will be unable to allow you to take your child.

Likewise, if the person who will be coming to collect the child changes, you must also give us at least 24 hours’ notice.

Any change or error in a registration must be notified 10 days before the start of the program; should that not be the case, no refund will be made and payment must be made for 100% of the active program.
In the case of those participants who, 10 days prior to the start of the program, have not obtained the corresponding visa, they must modify the date of their attendance at the Campus. Should this date not finally be modified, in cases of non-attendance or partial attendance, the total amount for the campus will not be refunded and the fixed cost that preparing for the campus was charged to the organisation will be deducted.

Additional services

We at the Real Madrid Foundation Campus Experience have several additional services, which will make your child’s stay at our camp an experience they will never forget.

Additional night before or after the camp.
The camps for boarders end on a Saturday and start on a Sunday. For any participants who do want to or cannot return home on those days, we offer the extra night service, during which the participant will still be looked after by a supervisor, with extra activities and care included.

This service is NOT necessary for the Saturday to Sunday night in the middle of a two-week camp. However, it will result in a higher total price.
This service is not included in the camp price.

Price: €100

When registering for two week-long programmes for boarders that do not coincide with a two-week block, you will be able to buy an extra night between the two camps if you do not want or are not able to pick up the participant.

This service is not included in the camp price.

Price: €100

This service is exclusively for Campus experience boarders.

If the participant is expected to be travelling alone, we have an additional service in which a Campus Experience team will be responsible for meeting the participant at the arrivals terminal and taking them directly to the accommodation, where they will be accompanied by supervisors and any other children who have already arrived.

Likewise, Campus Experience staff will, at the agreed time, be responsible for taking the participant to the airport (or other mode of transport) to return home.

This service consists of:

  • Collection from the airport, or bus or train station by Campus Experience supervisors.
  • Travel insurance is included.
  • Transfer to the accommodation in transportation owned by Campus Experience.
  • Transfer from the accommodation to the airport, or bus or train station, accompanied at all times.
  • The supervisor accompanies the participant to the appointed place for meeting the flight attendants for accompanying minors, who then take charge of the child.

To organise this service, we need you to send us a series of documents with all the complete information on the flight, along with proof that you have paid the price supplement for the service.

This service is not included in the camp price.

  • Return price (arrivals and/or departures between 9:00h and 21:00h): €90
  • One-way price (arrivals and/or departures between 9:00h and 21:00h): €50
  • Extra price (arrivals and/or departures before 9:00h and after 21:00h): €75 per journey

Other frequently asked questions

Limited tour due the construction

Due to the construction work being carried out in the Santiago Bernabéu stadium, the tour is limited to the following areas: “Best Club in History” room, “Sensations” room, video and photo montages with players.

Hygienic-sanitary measures by COVID

We are working under exhaustive hygienic measures and capacity control due to this exceptional situation to guarantee the safety of each of our visitors.

Temporarily and for hygienic-sanitary reasons, products with an audio guide and official Real Madrid guide, as well as products aimed at schoolchildren and groups, will not be available. Thanks for your understanding.

See the preventive measures derived by COVID 19


We have drawn up a general list of what Campus Experience participants should include in their luggage.

Residential Camp:

  • Trainers
  • Football boots (we recommend that they are already broken in, to avoid blisters and rubbing; to avoid injury, we recommend multi-stud boots because most of the football pitches used are artificial turf)
  • 5 pairs of sports shorts
  • 10 T-shirts
  • 8 pairs of socks
  • Baseball cap
  • Swimming trunks/costume
  • Swimming cap
  • Arm bands, if you have notified us that they cannot swim
  • Flip-flops
  • Beach towel
  • Sunscreen
  • Lip balm with SPF
  • Insect repellent
  • Medication, if they need to follow some form of treatment

All clothing must be marked with its owner’s name, so that it cannot be lost or misplaced. The supervisors will collect the clothes of the children in their charge, which they will take to the laundry service midway through the camp. Once clean, it will be returned to the children.

Day Camp:

They need to come every day wearing a T-shirt, shorts, a baseball cap and trainers.

They also need to have a backpack containing:

  • Appropriate sports footwear (football boots for artificial turf)
  • Swimming trunks/costume
  • Towel
  • Swimming cap
  • Arm bands, if you have notified us that they cannot swim
  • Flip-flops
  • Sunscreen

It is important that children learn to value hygiene for the sake of those around them.

Parents and educators play a key role in the acquisition of such habits and we at Campus Experience want to contribute to that.

In principle, no because it is all-inclusive. However, there will be occasions when participants will be able to use money, such as to buy souvenirs during the Santiago Bernabéu Stadium tour, excursions around Madrid, etc.

LIt is possible that players will drop in to the Campus Experience and it has actually happened at times in the past, but we cannot guarantee it at any time. Campus Experience does not have access to the players’ diaries and we cannot predict when they will fancy paying the camp a visit.

Participants are housed with participants from the same group and with roughly the same ability level.

The groups are no larger than 20 participants.

The groups are no larger than 20 participants.

Each group of children (20 children) will have two supervisors assigned.

We organise the Real Madrid Foundation Campus Experience. For issues relating to the academy, trials, Madridista Card or membership, please contact the Real Madrid Foundation central office (+34 91 453 29 00).

Yes, every participant will receive a free Real Madrid Foundation kit, along with a photographic memento and a diploma.

As with player visits, we cannot predict when scouts will visit. It is an unpredictable event, which may happen, but we cannot guarantee it at any given time.

The laundry service will be available at the 2 weeks Residential Camp program and will take place on the weekend between both weeks. Monitors will collect each participant’s clothes and take them to the laundry where they will be washed and, once ready, clothes will be returned to participants

We have 24-hour supervision and security available at the accommodation.

The organisation arranges for the services of a photographer. Their job is to take photos of day-to-day life at the camp, so they will take photos at their discretion, to give an idea of what the activities and training are like. Unfortunately, not all of the children will appear in this type of photo. Whether or not they are shown will actually be down to luck because the purpose is to show day-to-day life, not pick out particular individuals.

We leave the personalised photos for the gatefold diploma that we give to each child when the complete the camp. These photos are portraits and every child will have two individual photos and one group photo (they are given the gatefold diploma on their last day at the camp).

To guarantee children’s safety and the correct running of the campuses, parents will not be allowed, under any circumstances, to visit the participants throughout the entire running time of the campuses.

  • a. In the case of the internal 2-week campuses, the activities to be carried out during the weekend between them is a visit to the Santiago Bernabéu Tour and a sightseeing tour of Madrid.
  • b. In the case of the 1-week programs joined consecutively (without being a fortnight), the activities to be carried out will depend on the number of children that remain on campus. In principle it is a weekend of rest during which they will be supervised by our staff 24 hours a day and during which different recreational activities will be carried out.

Campus Experience can provide the invitation letter to those participants requiring it (we are banned from drafting an invitation letter in the name of any adult). In order that we can do so, it is necessary for the participant to have completed registration, made payment in full and that all their documentation is in order. The organisation has a period of between 48 and 72 hours in which to send this letter to the participant’s tutor (should that period not be available, Campus Experience will not be liable for the consequences of any such action and therefore no amount already paid will be refunded).

The health insurance is intended to guarantee emergency medical assistance corresponding to accidents occurring in the development of campus sports activities.

As a consequence, such insurance will never cover common illness, dental problems (as indicated above, they will be given emergency medical assistance required by the participant, but won’t be carried out the replacement or reconstruction of parts), loss or breakage of orthoses or prostheses of any participant (glasses or glasses, hearing aids, corrective insoles, shoes or special shoes, dental devices, …)

The insurance of each participant will be valid during the development of the enrolled program (The coverage of the health care provided will be valid during the three months following the end of said program as long as it is a direct cause of accidents that occurred during the campus period and included in the contracted policy)

In case of needing rehabilitation and / or physiotherapy the conditions are:

  • Be prescribed by the doctor who discharged the hospital for the duration of the campus.
  • It will not exceed 5 sessions. (must be prescribed maximum 3 months after the completion of the participant’s campus).
  • The treatments must be carried out in SANITAS centers.

Only services in the following hospitals will be covered:

  • Sanitas Las Moraleja Hospital
  • Sanitas La Zarzuela Hospital
  • Clinic Center
  • Monteprincipe Hospital
  • Virgin of the Sea
  • Milenium Alcorcón Medical Center

Insurance exclusions:

  • Common disease.
    * For common illness, each participant is requested documentation in order to have these needs covered.

    • Spanish participants residing in Spain: they will have their social security, so the necessary documentation is requested, in order to use it in case of emergency.
    • participants resident in Europe: they will have their European health card that covers what is marked by it.
    • Participants residing in the rest of the world: their health or travel insurance is requested in order to be covered in a common illness situation.
  • Assistance costs (pending surgical interventions, rehabilitations …) derived from a disease prior to the start of the campus.
  • Any medical assistance that is not related to the sport.
  • Injuries caused intentionally by the insured.
  • Injuries derived from aggressions, quarrels or conflicting acts.
  • Traffic injuries
    * If there is a traffic accident, the injuries derived from it will be covered by the insurance company of the transport company under its mutuality.
  • Hernias of any kind.
  • Pathological processes
  • Psychic consequences, mental alienation, drunkenness …
  • Transfers that aren’t urgent.

The responsible gaming workshops, of the Campus Experience Football and Responsible Gaming program, are divided into 2 types with different sessions throughout the week:


    Our teaching staff will use the selected video games (FIFA and Fortnite) to provide knowledge related to the educational curriculum through different dynamics.
    For example, students must map the world of a particular club’s country before they can use it in the game. Once you have played a certain number of games, you must choose a different club, repeating the process. The teacher will show on the map the countries of those clubs less known or belonging to countries more complicated to locate.2. RESPONSIBLE GAMING WORKSHOPSThe teaching staff shows the students appropriate habits of responsible use of video games that, in addition, will be put into practice during the different sessions. Learning how to sit properly, managing adequate distances from the screen, consumption limit, turning off screens 2 hours before going to sleep and tips to protect our privacy in online games are some of the contents taught in these workshops.

Data protection policy


Identification of the Data Controller:

    • Address: Fuerzas Armadas avenue, 402, 28055 from Madrid (Spain)
    • Phone: 91.453.29.00
    • Email address:
    • Data Protection Delegate: Persevera, S.L.U. in the person of Manuel del Palacio. His contact is or Príncipe de Anglona, 5, 28005 Madrid.


Purpose of the treatment:

In accordance with the provisions of Regulation (EU) 2016/679, of the European Parliament and of the Council, of April 27, 2016, regarding natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and the free circulation of these data (GDPR); to Organic Law 3/2018, of December 5, on Protection of Personal Data and guarantee of digital rights; and other current Spanish regulations on data protection, we inform you that your personal data will be incorporated into the Data Protection System of the Real Madrid Foundation.Their treatment will have the purpose of managing their participation in the Real Madrid Foundation Campus Experience, which is registered, including the management of payment and / or collection, the management of complementary activities and the management of the insurance associated with activity.

Likewise, during the registration process, you may give your consent for the treatment and transfer of the data that identifies you. 

In the case of capture and treatment of the image and / or voice of the beneficiary, in accordance with Organic Law 1/1982, of May, on Civil Protection of Rights to Honor, Personal Privacy and Own Image, you, or where appropriate , your legal representative must give your express consent by checking the corresponding box in consents. You are informed, in order to comply with the provisions of the aforementioned Organic Law 1/1982, the consent of minors and the incapacitated must be given by themselves if their conditions of maturity allow it, in accordance with civil legislation. In the remaining cases, consent must be granted in writing by their legal representative, who will be obliged to inform the Public Prosecutor of the projected consent in advance.The refusal of the affected person, or where appropriate, of his legal representative to give his consent for the recording of his voice and image and the processing of these data, automatically implies the impossibility of participating in those recordings or taking of images that the Real Madrid Foundation.

The data will be kept for the duration of the consent, or where appropriate, the legal time established for each of the legal obligations that derive from the treatments for which it has been consented.


Legitimation for the processing of your data:

The legal basis for the processing of your data is the consent of the user and / or their legal representative to voluntarily enroll in the Real Madrid Foundation Campus Experience.

The data may only be used for the purposes set out in the previous section, in accordance with the principles of transparency and purpose limitation.


Communication or transfer of data

The data may be transferred to Sanitas (more information in the policy and general conditions) and to other insurance entities, if any, in order to be able to include you in the insurance of the activity. Likewise, if necessary, the data may be transferred to all those external entities that are necessary for the correct development of the Real Madrid Foundation Campus Experience, including for controlling access to the facilities, residence, swimming pool, etc. if necessary. For the production of audiovisual content for the Real Madrid Foundation, there may be, in some cases, Treatment Managers who participate in the design or development of content for the Real Madrid Foundation and whose legitimacy in the treatment is in the consent for the treatment of the personal data including image and / or voice. They may also be transferred to the Public Treasury and other institutions in order to comply with current regulations in fiscal and legal matters and when required by law.



In the terms established in the regulations on data protection, you can revoke at any time the authorization granted for the treatment and transfer of personal data, as well as exercise the rights of access, rectification, opposition, limitation, deletion, portability no longer be subject to automated decisions by writing to the Real Madrid Foundation (Fuerzas Armadas avenue, 402, 28055 from Madrid) or contacting via email: cumplimiento.fundacion@corp.realmadrid.comor through our Data Protection Officer: Persevera, S.L.U. (  

Likewise, we inform you of the right to file a claim with the Control Authority, Spanish Agency for Data Protection.


The personal data that we treat at REAL MADRID FOUNDATION come from the interested party and / or their legal representatives.

General conditions

For the information of both the participant and the families, a basic internal regime is detailed below that guarantees the correct and optimal functioning of the Real Madrid Foundation Campus Experience.
Failure to comply with it may lead to sanctions or expulsion.


  • respect the schedules,
  • not have behaviors that threaten other participants and / or workers, 
  • do not smoke or drink alcohol, 
  • do not mistreat the facilities,
  • do not use the phone, 
  • not steal or use the property of others without permission


For reasons of the current health situation, the Real Madrid Foundation and Campus and Sport Events, beyond the regulatory and normative framework that must be complied with by all citizens, have drawn up a protocol of action on security and prevention against Covid- 19 following the indications of Public Bodies (Ministry of Health, Autonomous Community, Town Councils, Federations, etc …) and which is mandatory for participants and families (more information through the website -> frequently asked questions). Its purpose is the safety of the participants, their families, the staff of the Real Madrid Foundation, Campus and Sport Events and of all those people and entities that participate in the development of the activity. This protocol is open and non-limiting, being able to make any changes following the indications of the competent bodies, as well as the legislation in force at all times.


Said protocol does not exempt the user and / or representative from their responsibility to comply with all current regulations on health and safety, as well as the rest of current regulations, having to attend to all the recommendations, obligations and suggestions for the care of their health, before and during the activity, respecting them to reduce the risk of the activity to the minimum possible, as well as with the mandatory personal hygiene and prevention measures against COVID-19.


Likewise, it is informed that each user and / or legal representative who registers the user, is aware of the risks involved, for himself / herself and for the people who live with him / her, especially if they belong to risk groups; participation in face-to-face sports activities in this context of the health crisis caused by COVID-19, and which he assumes under his responsibility.


To this policy and conditions all the information included in the cancellation policy, frequently asked questions and other information provided through the website in which you register is adhered, as well as in the rest of the documentation about the Real Madrid Foundation Campus Experience that could be delivered, being all of mandatory compliance and acceptance. 


On the other hand, you are informed that the Real Madrid Foundation has a regulatory compliance program, its Code of Ethics and Good Governance being one of the fundamental pillars of the Criminal Risk Management System. This code contains the values and guidelines that should govern our activity and that is based on the principles of responsibility, integrity, transparency and corporate ethics and that are applicable to all employees, collaborators and third parties who maintain some type of relationship with the Real Madrid Foundation. Likewise, you are informed that any action, conduct or behavior contrary to the legislation and / or the ethical code that you are aware of, may be communicated confidentially through the following link:, or through the email


This policy and general conditions may be modified at any time in order to guarantee the correct development of the activity for which you are registering. Any modification may be sent by the means available and provided by the user and / or their legal representative, as well as we recommend viewing the website on a recurring basis.


If you have any questions or comments about the policy and general conditions, please write to:


Regarding health care, you are informed that in the case of injury or accident during sports activity, you are covered through private insurance with Sanitas (see below) exclusively in the centers provided in the information. The Real Madrid Foundation will not cover any amount in centers not authorized by the insurer, or other beneficiaries of the students or for other causes or ailments unrelated to the activity in which the user is enrolled. The Real Madrid Foundation recommends the use of approved glasses for sports practice, the Foundation not paying for the breakage of non-approved glasses during the activity.


Information about Sanitas emergency insurance:

Rights and obligations of the insured.

We proceed below to summarize the rights and obligations of the insurance policy to cover emergency health care in the event of an accident (hereinafter “The Insurance Policy”) without prejudice to having the Real Madrid Foundation as its taker at the disposal of the insured, the general and particular conditions of the Policy where the scope of the coverage insured with its limits and exclusions is stated in detail.


1.- Applicable legislation: Law 50/1980, of October 8, on the Insurance Contract, Royal Legislative Decree 6/2004, of October 29, which approves the revised text of the Law on the Management and Supervision of Private Insurance , and its Development Regulations (Royal Decree No. 2486/98 of November 20).


2.- Insured group: Participants registered in the Real Madrid Foundation Campus Experience and provided that the necessary identification data has been communicated to Sanitas to proceed as insured.


3.- Insurance company: SANITAS S.A. DE SEGUROS (hereinafter “SANITAS”) registered in the Special Registry of Insurance Entities of the Ministry of Economy and Finance with code C-320, and under the supervision of the General Directorate of Insurance and Pension Fund.


4.- Insured coverage:

4.1.- EMERGENCY MEDICAL ASSISTANCE due to accidents occurring in the development of the activities organized by the Campus Experience Fundación Real Madrid, which will necessarily be provided at one of the Hospitals arranged by SANITAS specifically for this purpose.: HOSPITAL SANITAS LA MORALEJA, HOSPITAL SANITAS LA ZARZUELA, CLÍNICA CEMTRO, HOSPITAL MONTEPRÍNCIPE, VIRGEN DEL MAR and MILENIUM CENTRO MEDICO ALCORCÓN.

4.2.- Whenever necessary by virtue of the seriousness of the injury, medical transport through the ambulance service arranged by SANITAS, from the place of the injury to one of the assistance centers already indicated in the previous paragraph.


5.- Exclusions: Those expressly established in the general conditions of the Policy, specifically:

a) Healthcare costs (pending surgical interventions, rehabilitations, etc …) derived from injuries that existed prior to the signing of this contract or that stem from a disease.

b) Dental assistance of any kind.

c) Those medical – sanitary assistance of specialties that are not directly related to accidents that are the object of this contract.

d) Injuries intentionally caused by the Insured, suicide or attempted suicide and voluntary mutilations.

e) The injuries and consequences derived from aggressions, fights and commission or attempted criminal acts, with the active intervention of the insured.

f) SANITAS liability for injuries sustained in a Traffic Accident is excluded.

g) Injuries that occur in a state of mental derangement, manifest drunkenness or under the influence of narcotics.

h) Hernias of any kind, back pain, back pain, cervical pain and muscle tears that are not a consequence of what is described as the definition of the insurance object, in accordance with the provisions of the previous clauses.

i) The pathological processes derived from the ingestion of food in bad condition.

j) Psychic consequences of any kind.

k) In no case will the expenses of transfer and out-of-hospital stay be insured. Except in the case of emergency transfers from the Sports School to the hospital center at the same time of occurrence of the accident covered by the policy.

l) The possible new complementary diagnostic or therapeutic techniques that appear in the healthcare spectrum of Medicine. In any case, SANITAS will incorporate them into the contract, when their usefulness and effectiveness are proven, understanding as such, that they are at least commonly used in the hospitals of the National Health System.

m) Those accidents that occurred prior to the effective date of this insurance contract and all benefits derived directly or indirectly from said accident are excluded from coverage.

n) Any type of rehabilitation and / or physiotherapy treatment, except that prescribed by a SANITAS physician as a result of the sports accident and up to a maximum of three months after it.

6.- How to provide services: The provision of Healthcare will be carried out as follows:


b) Every time any type of assistance is required, the insured must identify himself and provide the documentation required for this purpose by the center or SANITAS.

c) For all non-emergency assistance, the insured must request authorization from SANITAS.

d) Those insured who, while on sick leave, practice any sporting activity and require medical assistance arising from this practice, are automatically excluded from the coverage of this contract.

e) The explorations, surgical interventions and / or rehabilitation treatments may only be prescribed by the doctors of the SANITAS staff who provide their professional services in one of the hospital centers already indicated.

f) The Insured must not pay any amount when being cared for by the doctors or services arranged by SANITAS and will notify the same of any irregularity that occurs in this regard.

g) The Insured must in no case go simultaneously or successively to two doctors of the same specialty, for the same reason or illness, without prior authorization from SANITAS.

7.- Duration of the insured coverage.

During their participation in the Real Madrid Foundation Campus Experience.

The health care provided during the three months immediately consecutive to the expiration date of the policy will also be covered, provided that such assistance has a direct cause in accidents that occurred during the period of validity of the same and that had been communicated and subject to coverage during said term. If the insured needs some type of rehabilitation and / or physiotherapy treatment, it must have been prescribed by the doctor who discharged the insured during the period of coverage of this insurance. In no case will these treatments be covered after the period of three months already indicated and will not exceed 5 sessions.The capital limit per insured and annuity for each and every one of the benefits of this policy, with the sole exception of the medical examination already indicated above, will be 3,000 euros .Any service covered by the policy must be carried out at the centers designated by SANITAS. In the event that the insured needs to receive any type of benefit outside the coverage covered by this policy, it will be assumed by the parents or legal guardians of the injured party, with their express consent.

8.- Instances of claim.

Control of the activity of the Insurance Company corresponds to the Spanish State, exercising this through the General Directorate of Insurance and Pension Funds of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation.

In the event of any type of claim on the insurance contract, the Policyholder, Insured, Beneficiary, injured Third Party or Beneficiaries of any of them, should contact the Insurer’s Claims Department for resolution, -by writing addressed to Ribera del Loira street, No. 52 (28042 Madrid) or to the email address (Claims Department), who will acknowledge receipt in writing and will also resolve by reasoned writing within the maximum legal period of two months from the date of presentation of the claim.

Also, you may initiate the administrative claim procedure before the Claims Service of the General Directorate of Insurance and Pension Fund. For this, the claimant must prove that the two-month period established for the resolution of the Claim by the Department of Claims of Sanitas or that it has been dismissed.

In any case, you may go to the competent Courts and Tribunals.


9.- Treatment of personal data.

The personal data of the insured will be transferred by the Real Madrid Foundation in its capacity as policyholder to SANITAS, which will incorporate it into an automated file for the effectiveness of the contractual relations and the attention of the claims that may come to be presented in their case. If the FOUNDATION and the insured do not consent to the inclusion of their data in these files and their subsequent treatment, the insurance contract may not be carried out. The data of the insured regarding services that are covered by the policy, may be communicated by SANITAS to the FOUNDATION, as the policy holder.

In relation to the personal data processed by SANITAS we inform you:

Responsible: SANITAS, SOCIEDAD ANÓNIMA DE SEGUROS (Sanitas), with registered office at Ribera del Loira st., 52, 28042 Madrid, Spain.

Purpose: Your personal data, including your health data, will be processed for the following purposes: Formalization, development and execution of the insurance contract; Provision and coverage of the healthcare service that is the object of the insurance contract, being able to request and obtain information regarding your health from healthcare professional; Research for the design of care models that are the object of the insurance contract; Offer and management of care and prevention programs (health promotion service) object of the insurance contract; Management of actuarial risk in order, among others, to determine the appropriate rate in each case; Compliance with obligations that correspond to Sanitas by legal mandate, among others, those related to insurance regulations, tax laws and data protection regulations; Analysis of your interests and needs based on the data provided by you, including but not limited to your health data, those personal data that have been generated as a result of the service provided by Sanitas and those that have been obtained by other means; Sending commercial communications through any channel, including electronically;Carry out anonymization and pseudonymization procedures for your personal data; Transfer your personal data to companies within the group for commercial purposes and scientific and / or statistical research purposes as well as to third-party collaborating companies for commercial purposes.

Legitimation: Execution of the contract, compliance with legal obligations, legitimate interest, scientific and / or statistical research purposes and consent as detailed in the Additional Information.

Recipients: Group companies and third collaborating companies. In addition to the above, those in charge of the treatment whose international transfer is based on the authorization of the Director of the Spanish Agency for Data Protection and / or on Standard Contractual Clauses.

Rights: Access, rectify and delete the data, as well as other rights, as explained in the Additional Information.

Additional information: you will find information regarding the processing of your personal data at

Contact details

If you have any queries or problems, do not hesitate to contact us:
+34 912 775 988