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What are the additional services?

We have several additional services at the Real Madrid Foundation Campus Experience, which will make your child’s stay at our camp an experience they will never forget.

Extra night

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Additional night before or after the camp and it should be purchased with the transfer service (as the check in and check out will be out of the official schedule).
The residential camps for boarders end on a Saturday and start on a Sunday. For any participants who do want to or cannot return home on those days, we offer the extra night service, during which the participant will still be looked after by a supervisor, with extra activities and care included.
This service is NOT necessary for the Saturday to Sunday night in the middle of the Residential Camp 2 weeks.

Price: 100€: this service is only available for boarders of “Residential Camp 1 week”, “Residential Camp 2 weeks”, “High Performance Residential Camp 1 week” and “High Performance Residential Camp 2 weeks”


Additional night between camps

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When registering for two “Residential Camp 1 week” or “High Performance Residential camp 1 week” programmes for boarders that do not coincide with a two-week block, or to register two “Residential Camp 2 weeks” or “High Performance Residential Camp 2 weeks” `programs, you will be able to buy an extra night between the two camps if you are not able to pick up the participant between them.
This service is not included in the camp price.
Price: 100€



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This service is exclusively for Campus Experience Residential Camps boarders.
If the participant is expected to be travelling alone, or the transport Schedule doesn’t allow to be in the meeting point on time, we have an additional service in which a Campus Experience team will be responsible for meeting the participant at the arrivals terminal and taking them directly to the accommodation, where they will be accompanied by supervisors and any other children who have already arrived.
Likewise, Campus Experience staff will, at the agreed time, be responsible for taking the participant to the airport (or other mode of transport) to return home.
This service consists of:

  • Collection from the airport, or bus or train station by Campus Experience supervisors.
  • Travel insurance is included.
  • Transfer to the accommodation in transportation owned by Campus Experience.
  • Transfer from the accommodation to the airport, or bus or train station, accompanied at all times.
  • The supervisor accompanies the participant to the appointed place for meeting the flight attendants for accompanying minors, who then take charge of the child.

To organise this service, we need you to send us a series of documents with all the complete information on the flight, along with proof that you have paid the price supplement for the service.
This service is not included in the camp price.

  • Return price (arrivals and/or departures between 9:00 and 21:00): €300
  • One-way price (arrivals and/or departures between 9:00 and 21:00): €150
  • Extra price (arrivals and/or departures between 9:00 and 21:00): €75 per journey


Extra Kit

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In case you want an additional kit to the one included in the Welcome Pack, you can buy one or more extra kits during the registration process.

The extra kids include: T-shirt, shorts and socks. (we cannot guarantee similar kits)

Price: 54.45€/each (taxes incl)

Lunch service – Campus Experience Half-day Camps

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For the Campus Experience Half-day Camps, with the meeting point in Valdebebas, we have an extra lunch service. Participants will have lunch at de camp and will be picked up at 2:00 p.m. in Valdebebas.

Price: € 75 / week (not available on single days)

(service subject to availability)


Santiago Bernabeu Stadium meeting point

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Intended for those participants of Campus Experience Half Day Camps who wish to establish the Santiago Bernabéu area (15, Doctor Fleming St) as their meeting point, with departure time at 08:15 and return time at 13:30

This extra service can be hired during the registration process.
Price: € 52 / week (not available on single days)

(service subject to availability)


Last minute additional service

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The internal organisation and logistics of Campus Experience is highly complex and strives to provide excellence in our treatment of and service to participants.

For this reason, this extra cost must be added to any of the aforementioned services if purchased within 72 hours of the camp starting and must always be paid in advance (without the payment of this amount, the service will not be able to be hired)

Price: €75/extra service

Cancelling registration

  • In case of cancellation of an inscription within 5 working days from its confirmation, 100% of the amount paid will be refunded.
  • In case of cancellation more than 30 days before the start of the campus:

o   If full payment has been deposited: 70% of the amount paid will be refunded.

o   If only 30% of the total amount has been paid: there is no refund (the reservation fee is non-refundable).

  • In case of cancellation less than 30 days before the start of the campus:
    • Voucher to be used in the 2023 edition for campus held in Madrid.
    • Free and unlimited date-change for campus held in Madrid in 2022.
  • In case of casualties during the development of campus:
    • You will be entitled to a refund only in case of withdrawal for reasons of force majeure duly certified counting from the day after departure. If that is the case, the following amounts will be refunded:
      • Campus Experience Day Camp and High Performance Day Camp: 30€/day for each day not enjoyed.
      • Residential Campus Experience or High Performance Residential Camp: 80€/day for each day not enjoyed.
  • In case of voluntary withdrawal of the campus, there will be no right to refund.
  • In the case of a visa refusal from countries with Visa requirements and always if a legal document can be provided as evidence of the refusal, 100% of the amount paid will be refunded. This clause does not apply to instances when the visa application is submitted outside deadlines established by each embassy or if the visa is refused due to misuse or fraudulent use of materials provided by Campus Experience for that purpose.

Invitation letters will only be sent to participants; at no time will they be issued in the name of any adult.

The issuance deadline will be 24 to 48 hours once the application has been made. It should be borne in mind that in order to do this, documentation and payment regarding the aforementioned registration must be completed and received.

In the absence of such deadline, Campus Experience will not be liable for the consequences of any such action and therefore no amount already paid will be refunded.

  •  Amounts paid for extra services cannot be refunded in any case.
  •  Any refund necessary will be paid at the end of Campus Experience 2022.