After a long summer, back to school is now a reality and the 2021/2022 academic year is about to begin. From Campus Experience we tell you how the 5 values that we work the most during the summer can help you to make the return to school more comfortable.

Teamwork and companionship: football makes you develop social skills that benefit when interacting with other people to be part of a team and work towards a common goal.

Discipline: boys and girls learn in football that you have to comply with rules and play respecting the rules of the game. There are times, we must obey the coach, we must have the training or game material ready and we cannot miss training sessions. At school, discipline helps us to fulfill all our tasks and duties inside and outside the classroom.

Effort: this value both in the classroom and in football practice is fundamental to grow as a player and as a student. In a world where everyone wants immediacy, football teaches how to work from zero and that effort and patience are key to achieving individual and group goals.

Leadership: football teaches leadership tools and confidence in decision making. Success in the classroom depends a lot on the decisions made about how and what to dedicate time, attention and support to.

Respect: one of the most worked values in football. Respect for the rules, the referee, coach, the game, integrity, diversity, the health of the players and the exchange of opinions with teammates. In the classroom, in the same way, children can be taught to watch their language and to address their classmates and teachers with respect.

Let’s put them into practice to make back-to-school a success!

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