Our participants tell us the best things to be in our campus, under Real Madrid’s shield.

Campus Experience is a place where our participants have an amazing and unforgettable experience. They have the opportunity to learn and develop their technical skills both in and out of the field. That is why we asked 3 of our children to tell us their experience on campus.

One of the main objectives of Campus Experience, is to make our participants take out maximum profits of each one of the activities. As our catalonian participant Vera tells us, “my favorite activity is training. It is where I have a lot of fun by playing the sport that I love, with my friends.”

Each one of the Campus Experience team, from management team to monitors and coaches; ensures that everyone lives a unique and unforgettable experience. Vera confirms that one of the big qualities of Campus is the teaching team. This makes our participants want to come back every summer, just as our 7 years old participant Mario, coming for a 2nd year in a row.

Friendships made in Campus are part of this amazing experience too. When we ask our participants what are the things they liked the most from Campus Experience, the answer is the friends they made on it. Some of these testimonies come from Mario, who tells us its daily routine consists of “playing football and making a lot of friends”. Just as Vera, Mario confirms that what he likes the most about Campus is to “make a lot of new friends”.

In Campus Experience, we put aside competitiveness and rivalry. In that way, we focus on educating human values and emphasize weak points of our participants. We promote competitiveness in a friendly way.

Hugo, our 9 years old boy coming from Cadiz, tells us that his favorite activity is “playing football with his friends”. We believe that our participants have more fun when they play the sport they love with a group of friends.

Our conclusion is always positive. Each one of our participants want to repeat their experience next summer. Hugo, Mario and Vera agree on recommending Campus Experience, because it is not just about playing football, it is also living a unique experience with teammates and friends for life.

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