Values taught through football.

Football, as a game and as a sport, is an important source for the education of children. Through their practice, in addition to the specific technical aspects, very important human values are promoted in both training and competitions. The technicians involved in grassroots football, as well as coaches, must be educators and transmit values associated with football.  

Football is not only technical, tactical and physical, it also involves values. The values they learn through football will help them to perform better on the field and in their personal and professional lives. It is important to put them into practice constantly because in addition to working on muscles and technique, it is important to work on values.

According to the category of children, a number of differentiated values must be promoted.

– From U11 to U13 categories you must work with values such as fun and respect of rules, referee, teammates and rivals. In these categories it is important that children acquire a positive link with soccer practice and develop their social skills while having fun.

– On the other hand, activities that teach values such as humility, sportsmanship, companionship, trust or responsibility should be integrated between U13 and U15 categories.

– And finally, from U15 and U19, the values taught can be more directed towards performance empowerment; that is, teamwork, communication and leadership.

From Campus Experience Real Madrid Foundation we have been giving an additional value to football as a sport for 12 years. Among the 5 values that we work and transmit every summer through football we can highlight: RESPECT, TEAMWORK, INITIATIVE, EFFORT AND SELF-DISCIPLINE. 

Don’t forget, values also play!

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