March 1: Zero Discrimination Day

When we talk about discrimination, we mean any act or behavior that violates the fundamental rights of a person living in equality. All people should receive decent treatment without coercion or abuse. Therefore, next Sunday, March 1 on the occasion of the International Day of Zero Discrimination on Campus Experience Real Madrid Foundation seeks the best tools with the aim of putting an end to this problem.

Eradicating discrimination isn’t an easy task, since it can be of different types, by sexual orientation, gender, race, skin color, ideology, social class, etc. One of the movements that seeks to end inequalities is sport. Practicing sports isn’t only beneficial to health, it also influences social and personal relationships.

From Campus Experience Real Madrid Foundation we don’t only works with children through different sports activities, but we also use tools to instill fundamental values, such as respect for diversity. Among them we mention the following:

  • Work as a team: Sport unites, all the differences that may exist between two people remain in the background when it comes to carrying out a common activity, avoiding any form of discrimination. That is why we believe that one of the fundamental pillars that we promote through sport is teamwork. Nothing is achieved individually, the success or failure of a team is the sum of difficulties parts.
  • Have a sense of belonging: One of the key elements of the base of children who practice sports is given a piece in a large puzzle and avoid being discriminated against by gender, tastes or abilities. All belong to a community that works to achieve the same goals.
  • Respect: It is another of the pillars that we believe are essential to fight discrimination, but not only for mates, but also for rivals. Therefore, it is necessary to highlight the importance of promoting competition in a healthy way, always with sportsmanship and empathy.
  • Promote acceptance: Another key is to understand diversity as something positive, the child be conscious from the early ages that the variety, in the cultural sense within any community, it is optimal. For this, it is necessary to understand that diversity is part of reality and sport is a great way to channel what makes us different.

The basis of their personal and social development is find in these ages, the education provided to them from the earliest ages will mark their lives and the rest of society. Therefore, it is necessary to start forming them as soon as possible in this type of values. All this works from Campus Experience thanks to sports, so if you want to know more about how to attend our sports campuses, visit us here.

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