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The Campus Experience Real Madrid Foundation bases its success on technical teaching and training through sport, and in this way, offers orientated teaching camps to perfect the Anglo-Saxon language by playing football.
This summer, the English camps in Spain are organised by Kings College in Soto de Viñuelas, Madrid and the English camps in England are run by the prestigious Sport Leaning School in Chichester.

In both cases, the sport-training proposal is designed to develop language skills during a short period, through the combination of 3 English classes a day, along with other recreational activities as well as the football training which is also given in English, directed by the tutors and coaches of the Real Madrid Foundation.

The students also combine this educative model with different activities designed on getting to know their classmates and how to work towards their own personal growth, through the knowledge of the values of “I”, such as self-control, hard work and leadership; the “we”, from team work; and the “they”, by improving respect for others. The Language Campus Experience also takes in visits to the most well-known tourist attractions in the city where the camp takes place, so that the attendees enjoy a complete and fulfilling stay.

In the same way, during each year’s  Campus Experience, language schools are invited to continue the teaching of English and Spanish (for international participants) through football, with theory classes combined with practical exercise, always supported by sports vocabulary. The classes last for between one and a half and two hours, in function with the school’s timetable and are taught by the qualified teachers of British Council (English lessons) and Choices International (Spanish lessons).

The Campus Experience language schools’ attendees’ profile is that of young boys and girls between 9 – 17 years of age, who have a special interest in the world of football, and in particular admire the game and the sporting values of Real Madrid, and who wish to live out an experience in which the practise of their preferred activity serves as a point of match to better their English language skills.

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