Playing football is a passion for many girls and boys around the world. No matter where: at school, on the beach, on the town square … This is because football is not just a sport, nor a simple way to be fit, but goes much further for all the young people who enjoy playing football and grow in each training, game or competition.

For this reason, from Campus Experience we take advantage of our summer campus so that boys and girls can improve their football technique and enjoy recreational and sports activities. But also, to train them in values ​​through football. There are many lessons and basic concepts in education that football can give us, among which are:

  • Respect: learning the value of sportsmanship, getting empathize with teammates and assimilating the importance of fair playing which both in sports and life, are key points.
  • Teamwork: collaborating with the rest of the team members, communicating with them, passing the ball and finding a way to score a goal gives them a common objective. It is a way to learn by playing with others, to be aware that if they work together they can go further. Team work gets them to score the goal, in football and in their lives.
  • Initiative: football provides the guidelines to reach their target. For example, thinking about the passes they need to make in order to reach the goal, which teammate is the most suitable to make them win the game… These lessons can help them make decisions in other areas of their lives.
  • Effort: this sport is about overcoming oneself. Sport is synonymous with fighting every day to be better, it is the equivalent of achieving the best goal and managing to solve the difficulties and challenges of each moment. The girls and boys from Campus Experience learn it every week from this experience.
  • Self-discipline: Sometimes you win, but many others you lose, and this is valid both in football and in life. Learning to manage emotions and trust is one of the main objectives of this experience.

Knowing all the experiences that football can bring to the lives of children, enter the Campus Experience Real Madrid Foundation to get information of how to enroll your daughter or son for next summer 2020. Because it is possible to learn values by through what they like the most.

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