Multiculturalism is always synonymous with enrichment, progress, union and, above all, respect. Values ​​that we promote in the day to day of Campus Experience and about which we will talk about this week in our blog.

We currently live in a multicultural world, a world in which human beings are in continuous contact and in which it is very important that there is dialogue at all times. The world of sports is also a good example of all this, since it is one of the main tools we have as a society to build and unite bridges between cultures. These bridges are what in the future will make it possible for us to truly speak of a tolerant society in which there is no discrimination of any kind.

As a result of this society built on the basis of continuous dialogue, we must be informed and want to listen to everything that a priori seems different to us. These “cultural exchanges” will enrich us and give us the tools to do the same with other people.

Campus Experience Real Madrid Foundation is the best example of all this, since year after year we receive participants from many countries and cultures. This makes us an international campus and always open to everyone. A place where respect and tolerance shine as some of our main objectives. Our participants not only grow up playing football, but also acquire a series of knowledge that will make them improve as people as well.

Thanks to the fact that this multiculturalism exists in everyday life, the participants can meet and talk from an early age with boys and girls from countries with which they are not normally used to doing so. All this broadens their vision and perspective of the world, in addition to opening doors to new friendships. It is very exciting to see how bonds are forged day after day that end up being maintained beyond the duration of the campus.

So that all these values ​​can be maintained and carried out, a team of professionals is needed. Reason why we always have the best coaches from the Real Madrid Foundation and our spectacular team of monitors. All of them help each boy and girl feel safe on campus and also be able to communicate without problems with everything around them.

In this way we not only manage to create a fun campus where children make friends, but also create a place where they feel that they are learning and getting to know other ways of understanding the world.


At Campus Experience we put all our energy and heart so that these criteria are met, year after year, week after week and edition after edition.

See you this summer!

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