The Presentation of the twelfth edition of Campus Experience Real Madrid Foundation and its innovative program of Football and Responsible Gaming, in hand with The Global Esports Academy and the collaboration of PlayStationTalents, took place last Monday, May 24th.

The event was attended by Mr. Enrique Sánchez, Executive Vice President of Real Madrid Foundation, Mr. Emilio Butragueño, Director of Institutional Relations of Real Madrid C.F.; Mr. Joaquín Sagués, CEO of Campus Experience; and by telematic connection with Mr. Jorge Huguet, marketing director at Sony Interactive Entertainment Iberia; and Mr. Roberto Yeste, director of PR, partnerships and business development at Sony Interactive Entertainment Iberia.  

Campus Experience Real Madrid Foundation opens its doors to thousands of children from around the world, from June 20th to September 12th 2021, to offer a unique experience of football training, leisure activities and training in values in the Real Madrid City, with more than 10 modalities (including high performance and goalkeepers programs) in more than 10 locations spread across the national territory. All health measures to ensure the safety of the participants and staff will be implemented at Campus Experiences, as we did last summer.  

For the third year in a row, the innovative Football and Responsible Gaming program will allow children aged 7 to 13 to combine their two passions: football and gaming with an educational background. In this edition, which will be held from July 4th to 17th, The Global Esports Academy, co-organizer of Campus Experience Football and Responsible Gaming, will have the collaboration of PlayStation®Talents, a pioneering program to support the video game industry in Spain, created by Sony Interactive Entertainment Iberia. The educational program will include workshops and activities aimed at promoting responsible gaming, as well as the transmission of values and awareness through video games developed under the PlayStation®Talents program; all this thanks to the provision of PlayStation®5 and PlayStation®4 consoles that will be available in the classrooms. This modality shows that gaming, sport and learning are compatible in a controlled, programmed and supervised environment.

During the presentation, Mr. Jorge Huguet and Roberto Yeste, representatives of Sony Interactive Entertainment Iberia, conveyed the enthusiasm of PlayStation for participating in projects that use the video game in an educational and responsible way. For his part, Mr. Joaquín Sagués, CEO of Campus Experience, explained that excellence is sought year after year, in this edition incorporating PlayStation®Talents as a partner. Finally, Mr. Emilio Butragueño, Director of Institutional Relations at Real Madrid C.F., affirmed the importance of the Campus Experience for children and the great recognition they have on the part of families.

Campus Experience Real Madrid Foundation continues to offer and improve each edition so that participants enjoy a differentiated experience in which they live and train as their idols, improve their technique and return with great memories; all this in a safe and controlled environment under strict compliance with health regulations and with the maximum guarantees of safety and hygiene.

Don’t miss the video summary of the Official Presentation Act of the twelfth edition of Campus Experience Real Madrid Foundation, as well as its innovative Football and Responsible Gaming program!


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