I Edition Campus Experience Tenerife 2021, in association with Educon.

Last Thursday, April 29th, Campus Experience traveled to the island of Tenerife to attend the presentation of the Campus Experience Real Madrid Foundation Tenerife 2021 in association with Educon, that will be held from July 5th to July 9th at the Iván Ramallo Stadium in the municipality of Los Realejos. 

The sports venue Los Principes hosted the celebration of this event with the aim of presenting the I Edition of Campus Experience Tenerife and value the project and the role of their organizing entities and collaborators. On behalf of Campus Experience Real Madrid Foundation, our CEO, Mr. Joaquín Sagués attended and intervened. In addition, the event had the presence and speeches of EDUCON, as Official Partner of Campus Experience, and Los Realejos City Council, CaixaBank Foundation and Base Deportes Natalia, as Official Sponsors.

Mr. Joaquín Sagués, CEO of our Campus Experience Real Madrid Foundation, said: “From Campus Experience Real Madrid Foundation we are delighted to be in Tenerife for the first time and to be able to bring our project of education in values through sport to all the children of the island. We are sure that, with the help of EDUCON, this project will have a successful participation that will be expanded to more municipalities of the Canary Islands”. 

On behalf of EDUCON, Official Partner of the Campus Experience Real Madrid Tenerife 2021: ‘For EDUCON it is an honor to collaborate with entities such as the Real Madrid Foundation and we appreciate the opportunity to be an Official License of this great event. Our efforts and work have been rewarded. It is a pleasure for us to be able to offer children aged 7 to 17 from the Canary Islands or from any other part of the world the opportunity to live a unique experience in which, with the help of the coaches of the Real Madrid Foundation, will learn the values of Madridismo through sport”, pronounced Mr. Carmelo Salas, CEO of EDUCON. For his part, D. Manuel Dominguez, Mayor of the City Council of Los Realejos, said: “The municipality of Los Realejos has the necessary raw materials to carry out activities of this nature. The quality of sports facilities and other resources required for the development of this activity can be added to the good climate and hardworking people. Also, Deportes Base Natalia, through its Head of Marketing and Communication, Mr. D: Alejandro Álvarez, said: “Being able to collaborate in projects like this motivates us to continue working to be referents in the field of sport, offering quality equipment”. And, Mr. D. Antonio Fragoso, representative of Fundación la Caixa, commented: “The work of the Real Madrid Foundation is worthy of admiration and an example for all entities in the world. We share this social commitment at Fundación la Caixa and we are motivated to continue working for a just and egalitarian society and to make it possible, as in this case, for young people to have the opportunity to take part in this great sporting experience”.  

Campus Experience Real Madrid Foundation joins EDUCON to offer an exclusive leisure, sports and training experience in Tenerife. The aim of this project is to bring the values of sport to young people and to promote their sports and personal development. Participants will have the opportunity to enjoy unforgettable days and train as their idols do at the wonderful island of Tenerife, which offers an ideal climate for outdoor sports. 

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