Football, is a sport that contributes and impacts in a positive way to the physical and mental growth of those who practice it, especially those who do it since childhood; in this case, we will put more emphasis on values, since, the wealth that this sport has in these, the way in which they are transmitted and what they are taught about these, is unique and will remain forever in the player’s memory.

In Campus Experience we are aware of the importance of values, so one of our goals is to teach children, in a fun way, how much they need in life these human qualities such as respect, responsibility, empathy, gratitude, humility, etc.

And if we talk about respect, we’re touching on one of the most important values in football and more if it’s respect for those who enforce the rules, the umpires. These people, who can be the characters in football, more attacked and incriminated by players and fans by the decisions they make on the field.

It is essential, teach the kids since they start playing, the importance of referees in the field, why they should be respected and how to give example to other colleagues, since if they are taught from the beginning, when they are just beginning to venture into this sport, They will surely be very professional people when they reach the top, not only in football, but in life itself.

Respect for the collegiate, also born of how children are taught since they start to play, and is that there are activities that show that it can be very useful to do practical sessions where the kids put themselves in the shoes of the referees, to direct the party’s proceedings, so that from now on they know how difficult it is and the value of making decisions.

It is these playful acts, what is teaching the kids, not only the rules of the game, but also the value of the arbitration work, since that is where they realize the importance that these have in football.

Maybe you like arbitration so much that one of our kids from Campus Experience is an umpire in the future. 

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