Self-confidence: driving force for efficiency. 

Self-confidence and efficiency in football are recognized as basic drivers of behavior, decisive in the motivation of athletes. Self-confidence is considered a driving force for sports performance and, therefore, a key factor of success in football players that has to be developed from the first years of practice. From Campus Experience Real Madrid Foundation we are committed to training in values and every summer we work through football basic education concepts. Self-discipline is one of the most representative values of our summers because in order to achieve an improvement in sports performance and daily life it is essential to work on the emotions managment and self-confidence.

‘Self-confidence is the conviction that an athlete has to obtain a certain result or fulfill a goal”. Players with high levels of self-confidence tend to set more ambitious goals and respond efficiently to complex and demanding situations. In the same way, a player who considers himself incapable of successfully performing a movement or task has more chances of not achieving it than the one with greater self-confidence. The importance of the thoughts that players have about themselves are decisive for their success, motivation and ways of proceeding. Having individual and collective skills in football is not enough if you are not able to apply them correctly. A football player needs to know the difference between having the skills and being able to use them in the different situations they face. Both, the self-confidence of a football player and the collective trust of the whole team go hand in hand with the performance and effort made.

At Campus Experience Real Madrid Foundation, we encourage the acquisition of an optimal level of self-confidence: to adapt to different situations, to focus their work on objectives of progress and not of result, to make the right decisions, to increase the effort, to resort to perseverance, activate positive emotions, to deal with team strategies efficiently, to enhance concentration and to be aware of their progress and difficulties. 

Working on self-confidence and respect fosters their motivation and enthusiasm and enables them to solve problems more easily. Self-confidence in football is as important as technical aspects because both will accompany the player throughout their sports career.

There is nothing more powerful in the way to success than trusting yourself, because that feeling of trust will be equivalent to your effort and motivation to achieve everything you set out to accomplish.


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