Did you know that sport is beneficial to improve academic performance?

Numerous studies affirm sport is beneficial for health, not only physically, but also from a psychological point of view. For the little ones, exercise is more a game than a matter of staying healthy, but it can also become a way of leisure that helps keep the mind agile.

A study carried out by the “Journal of Sport and Health Research” indicates that physical exercise in general, and football in particular, offer great benefits to young people when it comes to enhancing their study skills. This research shows that sport brings significative improvements in neurocognitive function and inhibitory control, thanks to which children can enhance their ability to concentrate and avoid being easily distracted, improving their school performance.

From Campus Experience Real Madrid Foundation, we check every summer for many children soccer is the sport par excellence, and practicing it they enjoy without limits. In the same way, we detect the multiple benefits that it brings to young people when it comes to enhancing their academic performance.

Our training programs help, through football, children to improve their academic performance as follows:

  • Enhance concentration. Soccer helps children improve their ability to keep their mind focused on a particular task for a period of time.
  • It helps to acquire learning habits. In football you must be constant to get results, as well as in studies. Doing sports helps create work routines and be disciplined.
  • Improves cognitive skills, such as memory. Repeating technical and tactical exercises on the field helps children remember movements, strategies, etc. something that moves into the educational environment gives them greater capacity to retain concepts of the different subjects they study.
  • It allows to clear the mind and release stress. When you make exercise, the brain releases endorphins that help children relax, so when they return to focus their mind on studies, they being themselves calmer and more focused.

If you want to know more about the benefits that football brings both for physical health and for improving social or cognitive skills, click here.

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