• The aim is to promote gaming, in a responsible manner and with an educational background, combined with sports practice.
  • The Global Esports Academy, XBOX, NewSkill, Razer, Samsung and Friendly Screens collaborate on the project.
  • This gamer format will take place in the Ciudad Real Madrid from 01 to July 12, 2019.

Madrid, June 4, 2019 – For the tenth consecutive year, strong emotions return to the Campus Experience of the Real Madrid Foundation. More than 4,000 children from all over the world will spend unforgettable weeks training as their idols do in the Ciudad Real Madrid.

Throughout the summer, from June 16 to September 7, the Campus Experience of the Foundation will offer children from 7 to 17 years old a unique experience that combines football training with recreational and training activities, always associated with the associated values Sports: initiative, motivation, effort, self-discipline, teamwork and respect.

The massive success of eSports and “gaming” requires reflection at the time of their practice by minors; for this reason, this innovative Campus Experience modality will allow in this tenth edition of the Campus, children from 7 to 13 years old to combine their two passions: football and gaming in a responsible way with an educational background. The participants will carry out sports activities in the morning and gaming and training sessions in the afternoon, where they can practice and improve their technique with the Fifa19 videogame, while developing personal skills.

“Gaming” and the “eSports”

The gamification of education, which uses video games as a tool to acquire knowledge and skills, is an upward trend in schools and extracurricular activities. Campus Experience wants to incorporate eSports, training in the best way to enjoy them, enhancing their benefits: they improve the learning of hand-eye coordination dynamics, increase attention capacity and even improve small deficiencies in the vision of the youngest; and associating them with sports practice to prevent sedentary lifestyle and its harmful consequences.

One of the fundamental objectives of the responsible football and gaming campus is for participants to internalize the importance of “dosing” their videogame sessions, controlling time and helping them correct postural hygiene. Furthermore, the new campus will also address the management of social networks in the framework of virtual entertainment, to educate them on the prevention of their use with information and support in cybersecurity by experts such as the State Security Corps.

Six first level brands, related to the gaming sector and electronic sports have wanted to join this first edition and support the campus since its inception. The Global Esports Academy, co-organizer of the Campus Experience of Soccer and Responsible Gaming, has joined XBOX, NewSkill, Razer, Samsung and Friendly Screens, betting on education and training through video games, as a form of leisure consolidated among the children.

Campus Experience: Programs for everyone, around the world

The Campus Experience of Football and Responsible Gaming is added this edition to the usual Campus Experience programs of the Real Madrid Foundation: Football, High Performance Football, Football and English.

The Campus Experience has become an international meeting place, where more than 3,500 children of 100 different nationalities experienced the last edition, making the participants practice football and get closer to the values of sport, as well as practicing English and foster friendships by interacting with children from other parts of the world.

Year after year, the resounding success achieved allows the Campus Experience of the Real Madrid Foundation to continue offering and improving even more the experience of the previous editions.

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