How do we work on communication at Campus Experience Real Madrid Foundation?

Communication in grassroots football is a cornerstone on and off the field. Communication is a psychological variable of vital importance, very present in the day-to-day life of teams, exerting a great influence on the union, organization, motivation, cooperation and dynamics of a collective. In the same way, it affects the confidence and concentration of the players, since having an effective level of communication in the field will help to achieve greater athletic and personal efficiency.

The role of communication has to be positive and needs to be applied with respect. This tool facilitates the transmission of information between players and coaches and should be implemented in a respectful manner, both by the communicator and by the receiver. Communication in football does not only involve the transmission of sports information on the field, but also moods and emotions outside the field.

It contributes to the increased performance and concentration on the field; reinforces the speed of the game by telling your teammates what you are about to do; intensifies the speed of decision-making; motivates and enhances leadership; and promotes interpersonal relationships. However, although communicative exchange seems to be an intrinsic tool, the reality is that it requires skill and that, therefore, it must be trained. For this reason, at Campus Experience Real Madrid Foundation we encourage and train with children communication both on and off the field. On the one hand, during practice we work the communication through specific exercises: with the earliest categories through small warning signs and with the higher categories with more complex verbalizations. And, on the other hand, in the Campus Experience Activities led by our monitors we work on communication skills outside the field.

The mastery of communication in sport provides a progression, evolution and development of players and teams at the athletic and human level and, therefore, we keep it very present at Campus Experience Real Madrid Foundation.


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