OLIVER, technology partner until 2023, drives technical improvement.


Madrid, December 7, 2021. – The sportech OLIVER device will continue to be present at the Campus Experience Real Madrid Foundation until 2023, thanks to the renewal of the collaboration agreement with the digital platform. 

Following the successful sportech experience applied at last summer’s high-performance Campus Experience with Oliver, the partnership with the platform has been renewed to provide the best training experience of technical improvement to all participating players. “The first experience has been very rewarding for all parties, coaches add technology, players learn more about their abilities and parents receive an automated report,” said José González Ruzo, CEO of OLIVER.

The intelligent device “Oli”, placed on the shin guards, collects data from each player through a multitude of sensors and is sent, via GPS, to an artificial intelligence and Big Data app on the digital platform OLIVER, which provides key information on the performance of each participant in real time. This information allows players to improve their performance, measure their evolution and promote the most significant aspects of their talent, while providing data that allows them to prevent injuries effectively.

For Joaquin Sagués, general manager of Campus Experience, “the extension of the agreement means an increase in the quality of the training, by integrating technology, innovation and precision to the Real Madrid Foundation’s Campus Experience High Performance and Technical Improvement Programs”. The wide range of football metrics and improvement recommendations are automatically sent to the platform and can be viewed, downloaded and analyzed by players, coaches and parents via mobile and the web.

The Real Madrid Foundation’s High-Performance Campus Experience offers technical improvement to boys and girls aged 9 to 17 who belong to a football club; Highly qualified training sessions to improve individual skills and increase the technical level in football practice, led by coaches trained by the Real Madrid Foundation. For the year 2022, this program will start on June 19 and will end on August 27, taking place in different sports facilities, such as the Ciudad Real Madrid in Valdebebas or the municipal football fields Villaviciosa de Odón.


More information on www.campusexperiencermf.com  (+34) 912 775 988 or www.tryoliver.com


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