The 12th edition of Campus Experience Real Madrid Foundation 2021 begins!

We have been waiting for this moment for a long time: The 12th edition of Campus Experience Fundación Real Madrid is back! 

After the success of last year’s edition, this year we have worked to once again offer our participants a unique experience at Campus Experience. We have everything ready to welcome our boys and girls, between 7 and 17 years old, eager to enjoy a summer of soccer, values, leisure and training in Ciudad Real Madrid.

From June 20th to September 11th, our participants can fulfill their dream of living and training like their idols and share the values of madridism through trainings and different experience activities that we develop in the different Campus Experience programs.

The 12th edition of Campus Experience Real Madrid Foundation in numbers:

  • 2500 participants
  • 15% female participation
  • 90 nationalities
  • 12 weeks of Campus
  • More than 200 Campus Experience team members

In order to adapt to all the needs of our participants we have different day camp and residential camp programs such as : 

  • Campus Experience, the soccer campus for everyone.
  • Campus Experience High Performance, high demand soccer campus.
  • Campus Experience Goalkeepers, soccer campus for goalkeepers.
  • Campus Experience Responsible Soccer and Gaming, soccer campus for gamers.

Our goal is to create unforgettable experiences through our different recreational-training programs where the participants are the center of the experience. Likewise, to guarantee the well-being and health of our participants and work team, we have developed a hygienic-sanitary protocol based on the recommendations of the authorities. Do not miss all the details of the sanitary-hygienic protocol for the development of Campus Experience 2021 on this link.

We are looking forward to sharing these days with all of you!

And if you haven’t registered yet, you cannot miss it!

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