A day at Campus Experience Real Madrid Foundation for our boys and girls is an adventure full of excitement, experience activities, values and football. We tell you step by step how a day at Campus Experience is like, and all the activities that make up our fun days. Keep reading!

The day begins with the Check In, either External Campus (every day) or Internal Campus (the first day), our participants pass through a transit area, similar to the one shown in our video about the Sanitary Protocol, where we take their temperature and sanitize their hands with hydroalcoholic gel. 

Once the Check In procedures are completed, we have a brief opening ceremony where our participants wear the Real Madrid colors and get ready for the first activities. Our boys and girls begin their experience with a football training session in which they follow a very complete program that includes the physical, technical, strategic and tactical aspects of football and where they begin to get to know their teammates on the field. At the end of the training session, they go to the dressing rooms to take a shower and get ready for lunch.

After lunch and dental hygiene, our participants, depending on the day of the week, will enjoy different Feel Experience activities (directed games) focused on promoting values associated with sports and sharing their vision of the values they have worked on (initiative, self-discipline, teamwork, effort and respect); they will also attend sports training sessions aimed at teaching subjects such as football systems, rules and physical conditioning; or they will enjoy pool time with their new friends.
For those who signed up for the Campus Experience Football and Responsible Gaming program, they will have informative and responsible gaming workshops, as well as interactive sessions with video games and training programs in the classroom.  

After that, they move on to the second training session of the day and finish with a shower, snack and more group activities and dynamics.

The boys and girls who are attending this edition of Campus Experience Real Madrid Foundation 2021 will take with them lasting memories, new learnings, new friends and great experiences that will last for the rest of their lives

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