In the last years, women’s football has been one of the great impulses of gender equality in sport and despite great advances, there is still much to change in terms of the perception of female sex in this type of sport. The development of gender equality between men and women, together with the breakdown of stereotypes in the football field is one of the great challenges that society fights.

In this sense, from Campus Experience Real Madrid Foundation, we highlight the report of women to the sports field because they broaden the perspectives, offer new ideas that reach new and larger audiences. The increasing participation of women in football allows the stereotypes associated with this sport to be demolished, promoting the inclusion of women in amateur and professional practice in the football field.

Teamwork, discipline, technical quality and tactical knowledge are some of the skills that don’t depend on gender, so boys and girls can develop them when practicing this sport. In addition, there are no differences when it comes to learning the most recommended technical gesture to make a correct ball stroke or control the ball when the player receives a pass. Therefore, football is a sport in which you can improve and grow by playing with boys and girls, since talent and the ability to improve is something that doesn’t depend on gender.

In this way, football has greatly helped to visualize what a change in mentality is necessary in relation to the perception of women in this and other sports. The increase in the practice of this sport by women, according to FIFA, around 13.36 million girls and women who play football in an organized manner in their member federations, has been crucial to accelerate the necessary changes in football. In this way, this sport helps to promote equality and eliminate the barriers and differences that may exist between male and female football, thus becoming a universal sport that doesn’t understand gender, age, race, etc.

For this reason, Campus Experience Real Madrid Foundation offers different programs and mixed sports modalities so that children can enjoy football and other activities, where in addition to improving their dexterity and physical condition, they can learn the best sports values, especially which promote gender equality. Thus, they can live unique recreational experiences with sport as the main catalyst.

If you want to know more about sport as a disruptor for the training in boys and girls in gender equality, go here.

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