The average of the base football market gives us the fact that most football teams prefer to work with children from 5 years old onwards. Why? Because the intellect of boys and girls at that age is fairly acceptable to teach them the basics.

Although from the age of 3 you can begin to understand sports didactics, initiating the child in tasks that involve situations, stimuli, repetitions, comparisons. The kids begin to understand actions, to know what is their level with respect to the group and can put into operation their creativity.

The role of the coach is also important at these ages: psychology, patience, vocation are just one of the characteristics you should have to work at these levels.

Each child has a learning ability that can develop from 3, 4 or 5 years, therefore, there is not a minimum set as long as they are transparent, frank, passionate and able to perform exercises. And some/s with special methods and activities.

The most important thing is to know your body, know how to move it and increase the motor skills that allow the kids to be competent and enjoy any sports activity. In the case of football, it is important to work on body movement, visual, spatial, auditory and sensory stimuli that over time will allow children to develop skills that will give them the opportunity to practice this sport correctly.

When deciding if you want your kids to start in football at an early age, as parents should value many aspects.

  1. The trainer, as he will become a reference and example to him.
  2. The training methodology to choose.
  3. A good early formation that will ensure players are prepared to grow little by little.

As a parent, don’t hesitate to motivate and target your little one. Campus Experience is the perfect setting! What you’ll be doing is giving him the tools to develop corporally, the opportunity to be in touch with values like teamwork, socialization with other children, companionship and solidarity, in addition to showing you what discipline is and all the aspects involved in practicing a team sport. There are no limits!

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