The goalkeeper is a key figure in the football team. He carries a great responsibility that must be faced. Physical qualities are needed but also the mental capacity to know how to carry this role within the team. 

The goalkeeper is the person in charge of intercepting or stopping the ball before it crosses the final line that is in the goal and thus prevent the opponent from scoring a goal. As they say in football parlance, it is the lifeline of the teams. 

Loneliness: Keep in mind that he is the only player on the team who can use all the tips in the game, precisely because of the difficulty involved in being in his position. For many experts, the most difficult role on the pitch, as not only does he have to face being most of the game alone, but it is with that loneliness that he has to face every move. 

Quality = Success: On the other hand, experts also agree that the quality of the equipment falls on this figure. No matter how well the team performs, if it does not have a good goalkeeper, they will not achieve great success. It is the cornerstone that gives security and confidence to the rest of the team.

Responsibility: Being a goalkeeper means having a lot of personality and self-confidence, since it is a function of great courage and above all knowing how to carry the responsibility that it entails. The decisions you make are critical to the team.

Communication: This is where the most important factor of his function shines, communicating with his teammates. Know how to do it, how to prevent the moves you watch from your position and know how to transmit it to your teammates. It seems easy but it involves a great tactic of previous observation and taking advantage of the strengths of the rest of the team to achieve victory. 

A goalkeeper is more than a figure who for goals, must have the ability to react, flexibility, strength in legs, arms and hands. A physical condition far superior to the rest.

At Campus Experience Fundación Real Madrid, we have 2 specific programs for goalkeepers: Campus Experience Goalkeepers (external and internal) and High Performance goalkeeper (external and internal). In both we work to develop a good technical and tactical knowledge base and to enhance psychological factors. At Campus Experience we believe that any child with a good foundation, effort, perseverance and motivation can become a great goalkeeper.

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