Football is the “king sport” par excellence, so it is very easy to see boys and girls playing games in any school playground, park, sports center…, when forming teams, the positions to be filled are distributed within the playing field. Normally, the technique tends to be used as the sole scale, but other factors such as personality also help determine the position of the field in which each player can give the best of himself. Although it isn’t an exact science, the analysis of the requirements of each position in the field of play, allows to determine which personality traits are characteristic and can have each player at the time of rendering the maximum in the assigned role.

  • Goalkeeper: it is undoubtedly the most ungrateful field position, since in just one play you can go from hero to villain … and vice versa. For this reason, goalkeepers are people with a high level of self-confidence and the ability to overcome difficulties and mistakes quickly. In addition, they are brave and capable of taking risks for the good of the rest of the team, despite the fact that a mistake draws much more attention than in any other position.
  • Defense: together with the goalkeeper they configure the rear of the team, so that the security in their abilities is a fundamental pillar. However, unlike the goalkeeper, a defense has partners around him, so they are communicative. In addition, other of its most important qualities are leadership and strategic skills to anticipate the movements of the opposing team.
  • Lateral: the side figure is the one that has evolved the most in recent times, taking greater prominence and participation in the creation of the play since the goal kick. Currently they must be very agile mentally and be in detail so as not to lose sight of the mark behind their backs and enable the adversary.
  • Midfielder: they are organized, creative and analytical people who make their decisions taking into account all the aspects that surround them and who work as a team. They also stand out as a link between all the members of the team not only within the field, but also strengthening ties of friendship. On the other hand, they have a great vision of the game, which allows them to help position the defenders and forwards in the best way.
  • Extreme: this figure represents a main point to unite the strategic idea of ​​the midfielder and that it is correctly shaped, with a goal to the adversary. In this sense, they are usually people with a lot of patience since they don’t get tired of trying different plays, the much desired assistance or the goal to the opponent.
  • Forward: the one in charge of making the goals. They are restless people who stand out for their competitive nature, focused on achieving objectives. Therefore, they are also nonconformists and always want to go one step further.

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