Sport as a key tool to overcome fears

Fear is defined as a sense of anguish suffered by a person caused by the presence of a real or imagined danger. We all have fears from an early age, the key is to find the tools to learn how to overcome them or live with them better.

For this reason, the Campus Experience Real Madrid Foundation maintainssport is a fundamental mechanism for dealing with fears that can arise. In this way, on campus they work with the little ones to remove these barriers, whether real or imaginary. There are also numerous tools for children to learn to overcome their fears through physical activity.

Below, we recognize and point out the keys through which sport helps to overcome fears and apprehensions experienced every day:

  • Empowerment: When physical activity is practiced, the body secretes hormones such as dopamine, serotonin or endorphins that make us feel good. In addition, the latter perform the function of natural analgesic, eliminating the sensation of pain. On the other hand, the more sport we do, the better our looks will be. These two elements generate a sense of empowerment in people that strengthens their confidence. In this way, we will feel that we are capable of facing anything.
  • Acceptance of defeat: one of the fundamental pillars of sport is that you have to work hard and work hard to achieve what you want, but you don’t always succeed. Fear of defeat or failure is one of the most widespread in society. Thanks to physical activity you learn to remove this barrier, athletes must be proud of their constancy and ability to excel, even if they do not get all the medals proposed. The effort is already a reward.
  • Stress reduction: something that is also due to biological issues, sport helps to reduce stress and fear thanks to the hormones that are generated, in addition, while doing physical activity we avoid what concerns us. We reduce pressure levels and with these motivational components allow us to achieve the proposed goals.
  • Overcoming social fears: Many people feel embarrassed or have difficulty in relating to other people. Thanks to sport, these kinds of fears can be overcome, as sporting activities, when they are in a group, require relating to the whole team, working together and trusting the whole to achieve a common goal.

Fear is common in all human beings and the first step to overcoming it is to identify them. At Campus Experience Real Madrid Foundation we work with participants to help them overcome any barriers that prevent them from doing what they are passionate about. It is essential to teach them to trust themselves, for we do. Sport is an escape route to problems, so our campuses are a good choice to end children’s fears before they become problems in their daily lives. If you want to know more about the different modalities that we offer, check:

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