Campus Experience and OLIVER take your football to the next level

The 2022 edition is getting closer and closer and at the Real Madrid Foundation Campus Experience we really want to once again offer you one of the most innovative and exclusive experiences of the summer.

This year we once again have the “oli” device in the Campus Experience High Performance programs. OLIVER, our technology partner, offers participants the opportunity to train like true professionals. The best campus together with the best technology applied to sport.

Our goal is to continue offering top-level training, where we can improve technique and tactics. Thanks to the “oli” device, participants will be able to record their workouts through the application and obtain real-time performance metrics.

The best technology, within our reach

The OLIVER app offers all users key information about their performance and behavior on the pitch. In this way, real-time information is obtained that allows them to improve their evolution and even prevent any risk of injury.

In addition, its operation is very simple, since the device is placed on the players’ shin guards and collects information while they interact with the environment.

Some of the metrics that it can give us information about are: soccer player heat map, ball hit, distance covered during training, speed, acceleration or perceived effort.

All this data can be viewed later by their parents, coaches and teammates through their application or on the web, thus achieving full monitoring of their football development.

At Campus Experience High Performance we are committed to the latest technology and thanks to OLIVER we continue to innovate year after year to bring you the best in sports science. Take a leap in your professional career and sign up for our programs!

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