A monitor is much more than a person in charge of the care and safety of the Campus participants, they are a mentor, a friend and at the same time someone you can trust to feel safe. At Campus Experience we attach great importance to their work and we believe that our success, year after year, is partly thanks to their great work. For this reason, this week in our blog we will talk about the importance of monitors at the Campus Experience Real Madrid Foundation.

Every year hundreds of boys and girls pass through our campus who want to learn about the values ​​of Real Madrid and enjoy playing their favorite sport, football. But for this to be carried out, very good management and a human team are needed. This is where the work of our organization and of the more than 100 monitors prepared and determined to generate the best possible environment for the participants comes in.

We put a lot of effort into having the best professionals in order to create a unique experience and that all participants feel in an environment that is fun and safe in equal measure. This is very important and what sets us apart from other summer experiences, since at Campus Experience children have fun but at the same time learn values ​​that will be useful to them on a day-to-day basis. A good example of this is tolerance, cooperation or respect for colleagues, lessons that we teach year after year through the work of our monitors.

In addition, over the years we have been including new programs to offer a better and more complete experience. Like our English Language Immersion program, in which the boys and girls will have native monitors or monitors with a C2 level in English. Everything at your disposal so that you not only have fun, but also learn, make friends and spend the summer enjoying yourself non-stop.

Every year we have professionals with extensive experience in top-level sports campuses, people with a proactive capacity and who greatly enjoy their work. It is very nice to see how every year special unions are created between monitors and participants, some

For all this, Campus Experience is much more than a sports campus, it is a total educational experience, from the most typical concepts of football, to teachings that will make our participants grow as footballers and as people.

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