The Campus Experience of the Real Madrid Foundation will arrive this summer at Dublin, during the month of July, at the University of Maynooth.

The educational play proposal has existed at the British Islands for 15 years, targeting boys and girls from the ages of 11 to 17, from different countries. The initiative offers them the opportunity to live a team experience, and to discover and share the values of sport while improving their level of English.

For the Real Madrid Foundation “it is important that children of educational age have access to activities that combine enjoyment and learning and, therefore, Campus Experience offers many ways to learn football and values inside and outside of Spain

Sport Learning School, the official partner of the Real Madrid Foundation Campus Experience declares: “We have successfully managed, over the last 15 years, 3 different campuses in England: in Berkshire, Buckinghamshire and Chichester; bringing together Spanish and International students who have enjoyed an intense football program, English and cultural activities. We will put all our experience into use for this new stage that we have begun in Ireland, specifically at the University of Maynooth, with the same enthusiasm, energy and knowledge of recent years, hoping that our students enjoy it all as they always have, in the new Real Madrid Foundation Campus Experience Dublin“.

A high number of leisure and sports activities have been scheduled in the mornings and afternoons, according to the schedule of the classes. After dinner, recreational and cultural activities will be organized for the students. For a well-rounded the experience, there will be visits to the most emblematic tourist destinations in the area such as Dublin, Croke Park, Clifts of Moher and Galway. During the visits and excursions, the participants will be supervised at all times by the Campus Experience instructors.

The Campus Experience will be held from June 29 th to July 13 th 2019, with prices starting at 3,350 euros; which includes flights, accommodation, training and activities.

Reservations can already be made through the website: and by phone: +34.91.447.00.25.

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