What measures should we follow to play outdoor?

Guidelines to play outdoor with the little ones in the de-escalation of confinement.

Playing outdoors brings many benefits for the development of children. After weeks of confinement, the children will be able to run, jump or take walks again, in an hour maximum, in the company of a responsible adult with whom they share a home, respecting the appropriate protection measures.

For this reason, at Campus Experience Real Madrid Foundation we offer you guidelines to help you take walks responsibly and safely for you and your children, following the protection measures recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO):

  • Explain the situation in which we find: The ideal is to talk to them about the route they will take to keep them informed. Children are used to seeing crowds on the streets without following strict regulations, so it is good to explain that everyone outside is taking the corresponding sanitary measures and that they must respect the stipulated regulations.
  • Transmit security: It is advisable to explain that, taking precautionary measures, you can take a safe walk. Solving their doubts also makes them feel more secure, so it is good to solve them with positive stimuli and not avoid them.
  • Take precautionary measures: We recommend wearing a mask and gloves, as well as keeping a distance of at least 2 meters from others. We must explain to the children that we must cover our mouth and nose when coughing, since the virus can spread, in the case of being asymptomatic. Also, if they feel like sneezing, they should use a handkerchief to cover their nose and mouth and throw them away. If there isn’t a handkerchief, they may cough or sneeze into their elbow, avoiding doing so on their hands.
  • Playing outdoor: Can bring skates, toys and balls, among others. However, it is important to note that you cannot take others’ toys, nor share yours.
  • Disinfect when you get home: You have to get the little ones used to it, when they get home, to disinfect objects exposed to the outside and shoes. As well as, washing hands and face with soap.

As the Covid-19 cases decrease, we will gradually adapt to the different stages of de-escalation. That children can take to the streets, even in a limited time range, is a great advance.

It is important to adapt correctly to all the extraordinary situations we are experiencing, so at Campus Experience Real Madrid Foundation we will help you during the path.

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