Are Football and Christmas holidays in line?

During the Christmas season many choose to leave behind football training and decide to focus on holidays, celebrations and meals. This year, as the pandemic will force us to stay at home longer than ever, from Campus Experience Real Madrid Foundation we want to give you various football training tips for this holiday. We encourage you to follow our advice to stay fit and develop your football skills during the Christmas season at home. 

1.-  Ball control exercises: locate an area with space at home and put into practice some movements and resources. You can try practicing ball control such as racing in short spaces, fast touches, head butts, controls, movement with ball, etc. To perfect your skills in football it is important to dedicate time to your individual training. You can also practice pass skills with a member of your family, moving around as you pass the ball to make it realistic. 

2.- Physical training: in addition to working the technique, it is essential to maintain your physical form during the Christmas holidays. Spend 30 minutes a day working on cardio and strength exercises. Stay active to return to the training season in the best possible physical condition.

3.- Balanced eating: During Christmas you have to enjoy, but make sure you keep a balance in your diet. That is, avoid uncontrolled meals during the 15 days of your vacation and between holidays take care of yourself. Staying healthy and physically fit is very important to evolve as a football player. 

4.-  Match analysis: it is recommended during your free time to watch different football matches. Sit in front of the TV and stop to analyze the movement of the ball and attack and defense strategies. To become a good football player you don’t need to develop just your skills but also understand the game. You can take this moment to share time with your family and analyze game tactics together. 

5.- Enjoy Christmas and family: although this Christmas is unusual, you need to have fun anyways, always respecting the recommended measures and restrictions. Enjoy quality time with your nearest family, disconnect from the routine, make Christmas video calls with friends and family… It is not only necessary to take care of the physical form but also to stay mentally healthy to return to the field with a lot of energy and desire after the Christmas break.

Don’t forget that the best gift this Christmas is to take care of ourselves!

From Campus Experience Real Madrid Foundation we wish you a Merry Christmas and a 2021 full of hope, health and football!


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