How does sport help strengthen the immune system?

Exercising with the knowledge and help of professionals brings great benefits to our body and also to our mind. One of the fundamental pillars of physical activity is that it helps strengthen our immune system.

That is why, at Campus Experience Real Madrid Foundation, we believe that it is essential for children to make physical exercise in order to strengthen their immune systems from an early age and thus cope with all kinds of diseases.

Our body is in charge of defending us from microorganisms that can harm us, therefore, it is necessary to keep it always strong. Here are some of the reasons why playing sports helps strengthen the immune system:

  • Fighting flu or colds: Doing physical activity allows you to eliminate all types of bacteria found in the respiratory tract or in the lungs, thus reducing almost completely the likelihood of flu or cold.
  • Increased antibodies: Exercise generates a greater number of antibodies and white blood cells in our body, the cells responsible for fighting disease. The more exercise, the greater the number of antibodies circulating in our body quickly detecting possible diseases and thus preventing them, along with infections.
  • Body temperature: during and after sports the body temperature increases, in this way, the body prevents the growth and development of bacteria, similar to what happens when we have fever.
  • Reduction of stress hormones: numerous studies have shown that exercise helps to reduce stress-causing hormones, constant physical activity reduces these hormones, which in turn increase the likelihood of suffering from some disease.
  • Reduction of cardiovascular diseases: a healthy lifestyle combined with physical exercise reduces the risk of coronary heart disease, reduces the pressure of the arteries. Our heart will be much healthier and stronger.

It is very important to acquire healthy living habits and to educate the organism from an early age to be more long-lived. Therefore, from Campus Experience Real Madrid Foundation we believe it is essential to end the sedentary lifestyle of children and motivate them to do physical activity daily, even at home.

In our summer camps we have many hours dedicated to sport, as well as fun and time to rest.

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