The holidays arrived and with them unique moments to share with family and friends, remember the best passages of the year and recharge for 2022.

In Campus Experience we are aware that these dates are more relaxation, than care, so we bring you the best tips so that you do not neglect your physical part wherever you are and so you have quality times with yourself, at the same time that you dedicate unique spaces to your loved ones.

Here are our tips for taking care of your fitness during these holidays:

  1. Run, the street is yours: Whether at home or outside, we know that it can be difficult to get spaces, like the gym, so you can run; so, make the street your best ally, discover where you are through the journeys you travel, take the time you need, Make a list of your favorite music and disconnect from the world while exercising. I’m sure you’ll have a good time!

  2. Exercise at home: Your home is your best ally in these cases, look for a free space where you can do all the possible exercises, in that way, not only will you take care of your physique, but you can implement a routine that serves you for these cases. At home, you’ll manage to keep your shape.

  3. Daily walks in the city: Maybe you don’t just need to run when you go out on the street, take walks, calmly, it also works to activate the body and, the more time you devote to these daily, the more physical activity and positive impact you will have, thus maintaining your state of form and knowing new places with utmost tranquility. Definitely a recommended plan!

  4. Take care of your food: Of the four tips we give, this may be the hardest to fulfill, we know that at this time the food in quantity is traditional and more when the family is reunited, but taking care of food is not impossible, try to measure the proportions, Stay constantly hydrated and enjoy, in moderation, every meal you eat. 

We hope that the tips we bring you today at Campus Experience will help you enjoy these festivities in a healthy and joyful way. We wish you all, especially our kids, a happy holiday.

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