One of the parents’ concerns is usually the feeding of their children, whether in case they don’t eat enough, maintain a balanced diet or consume foods high in sugars and trans fats. In addition, there are food diseases such as obesity, anorexia and bulimia nervosa. According to figures from the Fita Foundation and the Spanish Association for the study of these disorders, around 400,000 people in Spain suffer from an eating disorder (eating disorder), of which 300,000 are boys and girls between 12 and 24 years old, being the third cause of chronic disease in adolescence.

At Campus Experience Real Madrid Foundation, we believe that the feeding of children in developing age and for the practice of sport is essential so that they know what their food should be based on. One of our fundamental pillars is based on an adequate food education so that they can generate healthy habits, since we have experts to instruct the children with the aim of acquiring a routine that is based on a balanced diet focused on achieve higher performance. The food is adjusted to the needs of the participants and the quality requirements of the Campus Experience. The menus are formed by a balanced diet and take into account the particularities of health and/or confession of each participant.

Likewise, we would like to recommend some keys and guidelines to parents, to prevent possible nutritional diseases in their children:

  • Food routine: Helping our children to organize food intake, we teach them the importance of generating healthy habits and their benefits. In this sense, it is crucial to determine schedules for the meals of the day, dividing them into four or five intakes per day, with the aim of not skipping meals and avoiding pecking.
  • Balanced diet: It is essential that the diet to be implemented is healthy and varied in the types of foods to be included, with a small amount of ultra-processed sweets and desserts and containing trans fats. It is very important that the dishes have vegetables and fruits in a varied way.
  • Generate a safe environment: Communication within the family group is essential so that our children feel confident enough to talk about different issues and concerns they wish to deepen.
  • Caring for self-esteem: Eating disorders have a psychological reason, so it is essential to pay attention to our children’s behaviors and detect behaviors that attract our attention. It is crucial to create habits so that they discover their abilities and are well with themselves, avoiding conditioning the body only to appearance.
  • Create healthy habits: The search for a sport to start improving your eating habits and once you have lost weight or regained weight according to your age, it is essential that you continue practicing it as a healthy method.

Taking into account the above points, the accompaniment of the parents is essential if their son or daughter suffers from some type of eating disorder (eating disorder), added to the constant consultation with a specialist doctor and a psychologist who know how to treat and solve this type of cases.

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