Keys to a successful preseason.

With holidays concluded and the return to routine, soccer preseason is already part of the day to day of our athletes. Preseason is the preparatory period before the start of the competition, in which the body of athletes is readapted to the training routine. 

After the long period of holiday inactivity, players need to focus their workouts on recovering their physical form. Therefore, during preseason, physical conditioning is prioritized and work is done to improve endurance, speed, strength, flexibility and power, among other aspects. The objectives of this preparation are guaranteeing a high level at the beginning of the competition, acquiring a good shape to make it through the season and continuing with the development of the player.

Preseason helps to lay the foundations on which to build the good development of the rest of the season. Its correct exploitation is essential and, therefore, below from Campus Experience Real Madrid Foundation we want to share 7 aspects that you can control as a player to optimize your performance and to get the most out of the preseason. Keep reading!

1.- Preseason is the first point of contact of the season.
The demand of the sessions must be progressive. From 0 (period of inactivity) to 100 (achieving the optimum state necessary for competition).

2.- Warm up before training. Always.
It is essential to prepare your body before practice. Physical exercise must always be preceded by a good warm up; even more in preseason.

3.- Listen to your body and be patient.
Your body is all you need to train, listen to it and treat it with respect. Don’t overdo. In this period, reaching your highest level is very complicated. However, with patience and constancy you can achieve the desired physical condition and performance. Do not despair!

4.- Follow and fulfill the team routine.
Training should be progressive but constant. Adapt but do not stop training with your team. Continuous work is the key to achieve a progression in the preseason.

5.- Don’t compete. Get ready for the competition.
Give importance to what is truly important: achieving optimal physical performance and assimilating tactical concepts. During preseason, don’t compare yourself with your teammates, focus on yourself. There will be time to compete.

6.- Give importance to the invisible training: rest, recovery,  nutrition and hydration.
If resting during the season is paramount, in preseason it is even more. Sleeping between 8-10 hours guarantees a proper rest of the mind and body to be ready for the next practice. Also, in this period, the physical therapist will be your best ally for recovery. Treat the usual preseason muscular overloads to avoid future injuries.
Nutrition plays a decisive role in the performance of an athlete. Take care of your diet with professional help. And don’t forget to hydrate before, during, and after preseason workouts.

7.- Stretch and relax after practice.
Once training is finished, stretch and release the muscles to avoid overloads and injuries.

The beginning of the official season is just around the corner. Now is just the time for you to become a better soccer player. Follow our advice and make the most of your preseason!


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